Thursday, July 26, 2007

so it goes

Yesterday my washing maching decided that it wasn't going to drain anymore. This isn't the first time it has acted up, so I decided to wait it out and see if it would change it's mind. So today, needing desperately to do a few loads of wash done, I decided to work with my lovely friend. I figured since it could still agitate I would let it wash the clothes, then I would wring out the clothes and put them in my bathtub ( a very large rubbermaid container with a hole drilled in the bottom the size of a common plug here) to rinse. So I did managed to get a couple loads done, and am so thankful for my dryer as at least they will get dry.

I would ask my dear husband to help me, but he of course is a week behind on his work (I wonder why) and the other guys here on the base are working like mad men to get the 7 apts ready for the new group of families arriving in a week to start Portuguese study. So maybe I will just have to hand wash things for another week or so before I get it fixed.

There is a local guy we can call but he has a tendency to take your machine for a month or two before you get it back. So I am going to try and wait out this busy time.

Is it wrong to ask you to pray for my machine to get it's act together???

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