Sunday, March 30, 2008

catchin up

Happy Easter!!!!
Hello from Brazil, Emma loves to pretend to talk on the phone mimicking me to the exact words, just don't expect her to want to say anything on the real phone.
Well, can you believe it is the end of March?? Where has a third of 08 gone?? Some days when it seems like I will never be home again, I realize how fast our time here is going, and I try and catch my breath.
Well, let's see... Our desert night was a huge hit, we raised enough money to finish all the decorations for the banquet, and then some extra to go toward Senior sneak. And we also were told we could do it again, and they would come back, so...
I am finally done scratching, at least my shingles, still have the usual exzma on my hands, I have a feeling that will be around until I die.
Emma had a special invite for Easter weekend, a tea party. They were waited on hand and foot, and had a special story about Jesus, and lots of goodies, even an egg hunt, my non-people person daughter, really liked the egg hunt, she is good at things like that, but I have finally realized she is content to be with people, the only things she really hates is the camera, it was comical watching her try and duck her head away from the video and photo cameras at this special event.

Scott preached for our sunrise service, that was beautiful as usual, sorry if you had to suffer through the snow to go to yours, we had a nice potluck breakfast afterward, which was nice to fellowship with our coworkers here.
Last week was the usual busy week filled with classes and life. Emma got a fever Thursday night and we are still trying to kick that. Laney is bugged by a bit of a cold, and Jonathan seems to be just the sneezing allergy guy as usual. The sun is shining most of the day, and just rain at night, it is a nice change. We are headed into dry season and already we feel the change, cooler nights, and less humidity in the air. I need to get my curtains down and washed, scrub the mold off a few spots on the walls, the usual spring cleaning.
My last thought is a prayer request. We are sending out a newsletter this week and it is full of surprises (not really) but please be praying that it will touch people's hearts, that we can continue to go forward in the work God has called us to.
Cappy is growing up, but he is still Emma's baby. When I watch Baby Hudson, she carries Cappy around like I carry the baby, to sweet!!!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

banks, money, Grrrr

Did any of you hear about the big debit card mess in the northeast. Ever wonder what that would do to a missionary in Brazil. Yep, shut you down so fast you are sitting, spinning, on the side of the road!!! Scott's folks were trying to get their cash together to get tickets paid for, and that wasn't happening either. Of course, they drove to the city assuming that the problem was at our dinky bank, spending $20 on a trip that turned out to be wasted. Now our cards are fine, but the bank here has shut the terminal down where we can get our cash!!! My word, it is crazy. This is not a good time to be low in our bank, all our bills hit at the end of the month. So Scott is trying to get to Anapolis again, and the last thing we want is for him to spend another amount to drive into the city, just for cash. Why isn't life a bit more convenient???
Good thing my shingles are better!!! Or I am afraid I would have a relapse


This week in chapel, one of our missionaries told the story of the Good Samartan, and reminded me of their life. Scott is writing a script and working on a presentation for this couple from Holland. They are an amazing testimony to everyone around them of how we need to serve our neighbors. Compassion is definitely one word that comes to mind when you talk to her, as she shares a story of someone in the church or area who is struggling. Tears immeditaly pool in her eyes, as she tells the story passionately. If there is a part of the story where someone is doing a wrong thing, she spits it out, with anger, you finally see what being angry and not sinning looks like.
I was watching an old Oprah, they usually are about a month behind down here, and she was talking of her new show, The Big Give. What a challenge it is to us to see how we can do more, with less. So many times we think we can't help for different reasons. But we can, and more that just giving money, but through showing you care, through giving up something that is precious, like time, or kids toys. Scott has gotten to know one of the families in our church that is really struggling. The mom was a prostitute before she came to Christ. She has two older daughters and 3 young sons. Probably each from a different father. As she started to turn her life around the church saw what an impossible task it would be for her to do on her own. Our church decided that they needed a home. So they started raising the funds for that. Scott got to know the boys as he helped where he could with the house, and filming the project to send to Holland so that a church there which was helping could see the progress. They moved into the house before Christmas, but it is past our base and on the outskirts of town. The boys have quite a ways to go to get to school. And the family only had one bike. So Scott went searching for a used bike he could buy for a little and fix up for them. They were thrilled, then, they were back, the tire was flat, so he helped fix that, then one boy came by one day and asked for a backpack, so we dug around and found one we hadn't used in years, packed it full of school supplies and sent him on his way, now he needs soccer shoes. Well, maybe when Jonathan grows out of his next pair... It is hard to buy new things for them, as the cheaper kinds are made so poorly, but the nice kinds are very expensive, starting at $40 and going up. I ordered Jonathan's next pair on clearance at Kohls and am having them mailed down, they still come out quite a bit cheaper, and better.

Please pray for this family. The mother is Laura and here is a picture of 4 of her kids. Her oldest daughter is being tempted to get involved in prostitution, she knows you can make good money at it, and is quite comfortable around it. So sad!!!!! I believe the oldest is not in this picture.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

You're Invited!!

Every year the Juniors put on a nice banquet to honor the Seniors. And every year the Juniors work to raise enough money to make it nice and to cover the cost of the fantastic decorations that they create. Each year they choose a theme, and it is a BIG secret. This year Scott and I are their sponsors (we were their sponsors last year, too when they initiated the freshmen), so this weekend is our last fundraiser. We are hosting a desert cafe. Here is the menu, don't you all wish you lived close by??
Dessert Menu
Chocolate Cheese Cake
A triple chocolate threat
The crust, the filling
and the
fudge topping drizzled across the top

Plain Jane Cheese Cake
Just the pure flavor of cream cheese, with
A butter cookie crust
Topped with either
Nuts and caramel

Hot Apple Crisp
Served sizzling hot from the oven
With caramel drizzled
And a scoop of
Vanilla Ice Cream on the side

Hot Fudge Chocolate Cake
Deepest darkest chocolate cake
Served warm with Hot fudge frosting
And a scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream on the side

Lemon Meringue pie
Tart lemon filling, high meringue topping
Served with a scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream

The only thing I am not sure on is Ice cream with lemon meringue pie... It just doesn't seem to go.

Any suggestions???

We will be making specialty coffees to go with these fabulous deserts, and the girls and I will be baking today and Saturday, then the guys will work hard to move all the tables and chairs over to a family's porch where they have nice twinkle lights already set up, it is pretty fun.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Itching again

Yes, in the midst of all that has been going on in my life, I broke out with Shingles!!!! That makes my eczema look like a picnic. I am taking some medicine and hope it goes away soon with no complications. Please pray for me, and that I would learn to rest in the Lord, and not try to carry all my worries alone!!! I know a lot of this has to do with just worry and stress, and the whole "leaving home" for three days didn't help!!!

love comes in all kinds of packages

My friend Shawn asked me to give her a list through my blog of all the things I would love to have sent to me, so I am certainly having fun dreaming of all the things I miss from home. Of course, the one thing I really want, is YOU, and that doesn't fit in the flat rate shipping boxes they sell at the post office. (if you are sending something that weighs more than 6 pounds it is worth it to send it in a flat rate shipping box. )

So here is my wish list:

Andes mints
red vine black and red licorice
jolly ranchers
Hersheys with almonds
angel food cake mix - or any kind of cake mix!!!
canned mushrooms, green chilis, blueberries - also dried - clams
coffee, any flavor or just columbian,
hot drink mixes in enevelops, hot cider, hot chocolate, cappuccinos, -so fun to treat a friend when I have them on hand!!!
cupcake liners
nuts - for baking
double sided tape - I use that up way to fast
Washcloths for the kitchen - they only use sponges down here
Dinner in a packet, like seasoning mixes, anything new is fun, we so get stuck in a rut here!!!
fun shower and lotions,
candles, especially ones that remind me of home, cooking scents, woodsy scents, or ocean and laundry scents - not flowers, I have lots of real ones here!!!
mugs, bears, fun fabric samples
Taco seasonings and Ranch dressing mixes - though I have a nice stock now
maple flavoring - I wish you could send me real maple syrup, but the flavoring is a huge help
red and green sugars - especially for Christmas time, and fun candy sprinkles - any time
Always holiday stuff, easter, valentines, fourth of july and Christmas decor is fun, they really don't have much here. I miss the Christmas tree shop - and thanks to so many of you who have remembered and sent special things during those days.
refrigerator note pads,
wrapping paper and trimmings
And magazines any kind, I love Mary Englebreight's magazine and any time, can be older, we don't care!!!
Of course a good book, or movie is fun,

For Scott:
Jiff, creamy
Twizzlers, Red
Peanut Butter Cups
stove top stuffing
Cherry Pie filling
Hair Gel, nice stiff kind
and he said a DR Pepper, though I don't know how that would travel, you would have to double bag it just in case...

Jiff, creamy
Smiles (walmart brand) fruit snacks
mac and cheese
Spagetti O's
bubble bath
fun kids things, like sports cards for Jonathan, polly pockets for the girls, Laney loves the Junie B Jones books has the first 8 or so in the series
coloring books, paper dolls, just fun project things.
crayons, markers, etc.
girls - anything princess


Yes, Retreat was so NICE!!! We spent the mornings in meetings and fun games, the afternoon busy with activities and swimming and then another meeting in the evening. And intermixed with this was fabulous meals!!! Oh, it was nice to be spoiled for a little while. I enjoyed lifeguarding and spending time with Emma, and Scott was busy with his 4 9th grade boys. We stayed at the Word of Life retreat center. And we were the only ones there, so had the run of the place. I tried to imagine what it would look like from what people told us, but it really was better than I could think. Air conditioning and small fridges in our rooms, very spacious foyer and cafeteria, playgrounds, and pools (3) 2 meeting places, and places to meet inside when we had a big rain storm one evening. Comfortable beds, and just nice from beginning to end. It really was a great get away. The speaker for our group is a guy here learning language who has worked with youth for a few years before they came. He did a great job!!!
Games of all kinds every afternoon

The gym, Laney always ready to pose for a picture

Our meeting house, even padded pews!!!
Jonathan during their meetings

Their meeting room

Our worship band

Our high school group

Laney in the foyer with one of the helpers