Monday, March 10, 2008

love comes in all kinds of packages

My friend Shawn asked me to give her a list through my blog of all the things I would love to have sent to me, so I am certainly having fun dreaming of all the things I miss from home. Of course, the one thing I really want, is YOU, and that doesn't fit in the flat rate shipping boxes they sell at the post office. (if you are sending something that weighs more than 6 pounds it is worth it to send it in a flat rate shipping box. )

So here is my wish list:

Andes mints
red vine black and red licorice
jolly ranchers
Hersheys with almonds
angel food cake mix - or any kind of cake mix!!!
canned mushrooms, green chilis, blueberries - also dried - clams
coffee, any flavor or just columbian,
hot drink mixes in enevelops, hot cider, hot chocolate, cappuccinos, -so fun to treat a friend when I have them on hand!!!
cupcake liners
nuts - for baking
double sided tape - I use that up way to fast
Washcloths for the kitchen - they only use sponges down here
Dinner in a packet, like seasoning mixes, anything new is fun, we so get stuck in a rut here!!!
fun shower and lotions,
candles, especially ones that remind me of home, cooking scents, woodsy scents, or ocean and laundry scents - not flowers, I have lots of real ones here!!!
mugs, bears, fun fabric samples
Taco seasonings and Ranch dressing mixes - though I have a nice stock now
maple flavoring - I wish you could send me real maple syrup, but the flavoring is a huge help
red and green sugars - especially for Christmas time, and fun candy sprinkles - any time
Always holiday stuff, easter, valentines, fourth of july and Christmas decor is fun, they really don't have much here. I miss the Christmas tree shop - and thanks to so many of you who have remembered and sent special things during those days.
refrigerator note pads,
wrapping paper and trimmings
And magazines any kind, I love Mary Englebreight's magazine and any time, can be older, we don't care!!!
Of course a good book, or movie is fun,

For Scott:
Jiff, creamy
Twizzlers, Red
Peanut Butter Cups
stove top stuffing
Cherry Pie filling
Hair Gel, nice stiff kind
and he said a DR Pepper, though I don't know how that would travel, you would have to double bag it just in case...

Jiff, creamy
Smiles (walmart brand) fruit snacks
mac and cheese
Spagetti O's
bubble bath
fun kids things, like sports cards for Jonathan, polly pockets for the girls, Laney loves the Junie B Jones books has the first 8 or so in the series
coloring books, paper dolls, just fun project things.
crayons, markers, etc.
girls - anything princess

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Tracy said...

Is there a postal reason someone couldn't send you real maple syrup or are you just hoping/wishing? :)