Sunday, October 19, 2008

first helicopters grounded then tornados, what next??

Yes, Friday Laney and Jonathan were working away in their classrooms when out of nowhere a strong wind hit their classrooms and really did some damage. Thankfully no one was hurt, though Laney knowing in a fire we evacuate, started to run out of the room. Karla tried to call to her, but it was so loud, thankfully Laney stopped once she hit the door, cause pieces of roofing were flying everywhere and she could have been seriously hurt.

All the kids pitched in and the debris was quickly gathered from far and near. Scott and others worked until dark to get the roof repaired, as rain was coming (it had been a couple weeks since we had had much rain) but they got it covered and in the middle of the night it started to rain and rained for quite a while. There was one spot that didn't get covered, but thankfully most of the classrooms stayed dry. The overhang is still without roofing, but they should be able to fix that next week. Though now I am sure they are wondering if they should restructure the entire overhang roof, if a little tornado (just a big dirt devil really) can do this much damage. (notice the blue skies) It was a very hot day - one of the hottest I can remember.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


So yesterday I started a new quarter with my girls for PE. I decided that this quarter we would just do different things: Kickball, Volleyball in the sand court, Swimming, Ultimate Frisbee, and who knows what else we will think of.
I haven't played volleyball for at least a year, and I had sliced my thumb pretty bad, but I couldn't resist. So I played. Now I have got my strategy down perfect.
I make the girls run around the track and do situps and push ups until they are so tired they can't see straight then we go play sports. This way I look like some amazing sports fanatic, and they continue to stay in awe of me, (Not really) but wow, it is hot. We played yesterday and it had to be at least 90 degrees out, and the sand was burning and our eyes were getting fried, but I must confess I love to play and we had a good time.
Next semester I will be coaching them in volleyball. I am looking forward to that, this quarter I am trying to just have fun. Maybe Friday we can just go swimming - if it continues to be this hot, I would say - we must!!!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Skit night, Field Trip, and emergency landings

Laney Posing for a picture

Laney and friends performing for talent night
Love the Lord your God in a round
Pilot Joy flying the kids around Anapolis

the kids with the Wycliffe pilots

The kids with the Governor of Goias
Who had to make an emergency landing on our soccer field
when we had a bad storm last week

answered prayers

So a while back I had asked for prayer reguarding a couple things. One was the pavement and as I wrote in the previous message that is finally coming to pass. The other was for the dollar to strengthen. God is so good because the last 2 months we have seen the dollar slowly recover. It is a HUGE help to us. Our money was hardly covering just the very basics like groceries, but this month it is back to the level it was a year ago - which is still significantly lower than what it was all last term, but so much better.
The other prayer I had been praying last week was that we could also receive an extra gift or two so that we could take advantage of the higher dollar - cause it wouldn't have helped that much with a low month. Well, God pulled off a big surprise!!! Some people gave this month that don't give every month, my sister gave some extra from her Alaska rebate, and then a church which had promised to support us over two years ago, but never had actually sent any support, sent a check, retroactive!!!! We were shocked, and relieved!!! So before the dollar drops again Scott quickly paid as many bills as we could, we will put new tires on the car - they were hanging in there by a few threads, and I will get Emma to the dentist.
Thanks for praying!!! God answered in a way that really let me know he is in control.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

The fun side of the political season

Today is election day and so they were out in full force yesterday spreading the word as to which group you should vote for. So for a half hour trucks, motorcycles and cars drove by our house, honking their horns. I thought you might enjoy politics in Brazilian style, here is a quick clip - to get the full effect, you have to crank the volume on your computer. The only thing I don't have on this clip is the loud firecrackers going off every few seconds - and if I had gotten a bit closer you could have seen our new pavement - laid yesterday!!! I hope all this traffic doesn't ruin it, but at least they could all drive by and we didn't get buried in dust.