Wednesday, October 15, 2008


So yesterday I started a new quarter with my girls for PE. I decided that this quarter we would just do different things: Kickball, Volleyball in the sand court, Swimming, Ultimate Frisbee, and who knows what else we will think of.
I haven't played volleyball for at least a year, and I had sliced my thumb pretty bad, but I couldn't resist. So I played. Now I have got my strategy down perfect.
I make the girls run around the track and do situps and push ups until they are so tired they can't see straight then we go play sports. This way I look like some amazing sports fanatic, and they continue to stay in awe of me, (Not really) but wow, it is hot. We played yesterday and it had to be at least 90 degrees out, and the sand was burning and our eyes were getting fried, but I must confess I love to play and we had a good time.
Next semester I will be coaching them in volleyball. I am looking forward to that, this quarter I am trying to just have fun. Maybe Friday we can just go swimming - if it continues to be this hot, I would say - we must!!!


Kelley said...

Good thing you have a friendly neighbor who has a pool and who also allows your PE class to partake in it (even though the giggling is just a BIT noisy:-) Ha!

I wanna play volleyball! Can I participate when I feel like it?

Jenny said...

Any time!!! I would love to have you come. Karla helped out last week, but she is often busy with the play practice, so I could use another player - how about Friday at 2:30???