Sunday, October 5, 2008

answered prayers

So a while back I had asked for prayer reguarding a couple things. One was the pavement and as I wrote in the previous message that is finally coming to pass. The other was for the dollar to strengthen. God is so good because the last 2 months we have seen the dollar slowly recover. It is a HUGE help to us. Our money was hardly covering just the very basics like groceries, but this month it is back to the level it was a year ago - which is still significantly lower than what it was all last term, but so much better.
The other prayer I had been praying last week was that we could also receive an extra gift or two so that we could take advantage of the higher dollar - cause it wouldn't have helped that much with a low month. Well, God pulled off a big surprise!!! Some people gave this month that don't give every month, my sister gave some extra from her Alaska rebate, and then a church which had promised to support us over two years ago, but never had actually sent any support, sent a check, retroactive!!!! We were shocked, and relieved!!! So before the dollar drops again Scott quickly paid as many bills as we could, we will put new tires on the car - they were hanging in there by a few threads, and I will get Emma to the dentist.
Thanks for praying!!! God answered in a way that really let me know he is in control.

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