Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Monday, August 27, 2007

a few picture from our crazy days

Jonathan, what a kid!
My Home ec class making pickles today,

boy did we have fun!!!

Emma getting dressed all by herself,

she is growing up way to fast!!!

Laney and Tigey, this was Ginger's bed

But Tigey has made it his own,

What a loungy cat!!!

Nothing like kisses for Daddy!!!

Emma Helping Uncle Miles fix the road,

Those speed bumps are just for her

to help slow traffic by our house!!!

Now did I tell you he was a loungy cat

or what???

What a girl!!!

videos of the kids

Friday, August 17, 2007

My first week

Well, it went, and pretty well I must say, though at first I wasn't sure how I was going to do it. Jonathan missed all of school Monday, and part of the day Tuesday, so here I am trying to get myself, Emma, and Laney out the door to nursery and school by 7:45 while telling my sick boy he will be okay. Then I have to drop Emma off and hope she is okay in time to arrive for Chapel at 7:55. It was a bit crazy, but we managed to get through it and not have any major disasters. Though I was a bit rusty on the piano, I managed to play the songs they picked and we had a nice morning.

School started well. Though teaching three grades is a bit difficult, it has gone well. They are all starting on a new Math (Math-U-See) and a new English (Shurley) so it works to teach all three at the same level, though I imagine soon my first grader will need more time and the others will start zooming ahead. Then the rest of the day is scheduled so each of the kids can work on the worksheets at their grade level, with little breaks all through the morning to keep them hopping from thing to thing. I enjoy reading them a story each morning. I found a book that I loved when I was their age, full of great short stories.

Scott arrived home safely. I was quite worried about him the day he was in central Sao Paulo. It is a very large city, either the 2nd or 3rd largest city in the world. He had a horrible time getting to where he wanted to be, but once there, they parked and walked around seeing some of the sites. Thankfully nothing was stolen (it is always a concern when you are walking around with the professional camera he uses). It was so nice though when he arrived home Tuesday (just as I was setting dinner on the table). He has helped so much now in the mornings getting us all off to school, then having lunch ready to eat when we come in around noon. What a blessing!!!

Incredibly he wasn't robbed in Sao Paulo, but the night before last he was robbed of his whole tool bag full of stuff and his cordless drill!!!!! GRRRRRR It is so frustrating. We just had a meeting the other day about how to better secure this place, but we don't want to be totally closed to the towns people, but yet on the other hand things are disappearing left and right. Since we always have a dog, it hasn't been a problem, now with Ginger gone, I think we are going to have to be extra careful. I wish we could just get another dog, but the stuff we have to deal with because we live on a school base is hardly worth the advantage of having a dog.
Pray for us, these are the things that really get you discouraged!!!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

When husbands are away

Yes, it is kind of nice when they travel. Of course, I miss him terribly, and can't wait for his return, but in the mean time, it is nice to spend the day uninterrupted. Yes, it gets quite boring after a couple days, but I don't know it just seems like I know what is going on with the kids, etc.
The day after he left, Jonathan came down with a fever and has been sick for two days straight. So that has made things quiet, too. He isn't coming and going with his herd of friends. Laney has been playing on the other side of the base as there is a new girl here, so she has been enjoying that. It has been really quiet!!!

My classroom is pretty much ready to go, I will go sweep and mop later today, and make sure I have some activities planned for Monday as it is orientation, and supposed to be fun!!! I am still trying to see how it will all come together. It will be good to just get started. Teaching three grades is a challenge, but I think it will go fine. The three kids are smart kids, so as long as I can help our first grader a bit more and the other two work a little more on their own, I think we will be fine. It will be nice to be on a schedule again.

I also have a couple other classes I am responsible for . I need to get things started on home ec. and my play/music class. It will be fun, but a bit busy!!! I am so thankful Emma can go to the day care. That will be good for her, too, to get out a bit, she has been climbing the walls this week. I hope that she won't spend the whole year in it all morning, but for a little while it will help, then she will just go an hour a day in the morning.

bye Ginger

Yes, we said good-bye to the dog we had taken into our home as our pet when we adopted him last year. A missionary family who had him were returning to the states and didn't know if they would come back to Brazil. We took him, fixed him, spoiled him, and then they wrote the other day saying " if he was a problem" they would take him back.

Well, we had some issues with him, but we had worked through them. He really is a great dog. He obeys well, and seemed to understand English very well. I know what they meant was "can we please have our dog back?" So we said they could have him. They came and picked him up. It was fun to see him greet his old family, and Emma is in the middle of this talking to GEENger. "Come here, GEENger. Sit Geenger. and he is obeying her the whole time. As the mom is telling me that he never really obeyed well. Hilarious!!!!

Ginger always slept on Jonathan's bed, and last night it hit. Jonathan was sobbing as he talked about how much he missed Ginger. I wish we could just go get another dog, but having a pet here at the school base is a bit tough, and we have a summer break coming up. It is just harder to deal with pets when you live like we do. I think Tigey misses Ginger, they were great pals, but now he can run and jump and not fear being chased!!!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

We women

I just finished washing the dishes from lunch with the two new families arriving for Portuguese study. It was fun. 12 people around a table, or two, and kids everywhere, but you couldn't stop us ladies from talking, even as we tried to make sure everyone had a place and food.

What I find so interesting is how quickly we want to find ways that we relate. How quickly we see what we have in common. Some of us need this more than others, but oh it is fun. Where are you from? How many kids were in your family? How many brothers did you have, sisters? Were your parents, Christians? How did you meet your husband, etc. It was really fun, then you get to the potty training stories and we are now kindred spirits. You know Anne was the one who gave it a name, but I am sure from the beginning we women were looking for kindred spirits. It only take a few questions, and you know.

I, of course, am ready to share all my Brazil survival secrets. How to find the things you are looking for. What city sells the right kind of diapers. Where you find good fruits and veggies, and what meat is the best. What store carries the good milk and cheese. Who has pepperoni. If it can be found in Brazil (in Goias) Scott and I know where to buy it. We both enjoy shopping, and I love to cook, so these have been things we have just learned. Then of course with Scott's job of video and computer stuff, we are a fountain of unusual facts and information (or so I was told by the third new family that arrived last week).

But it is fun to see new families arriving. God is calling people to Brazil. It is not "reached" as so many people claim. Many people here who say they are "Christians" yet have no walk to match up with the name. Many have been preached the prosperity Gospel, but now are seeing that is not true. Plus almost 100 Tribal groups of people yet to hear. It is exciting to meet couples who will brave the rivers maybe up to 5 days in a boat before they reach their village to bring the Gospel to these people who are asking to hear about Jesus!!!! Yeah!!!!

Saturday, August 4, 2007

The shuffle

Yes, that is what we are doing. I thought I had it made. Karla was coming and I would have most of my morning to just enjoy Emma and work on things in a quiet leisurely pace. But no! Karla's visa is taking more time than we thought which is often the case, so I am getting ready to teach three kids 1st -3rd grade ( each in a different grade).
It was fun setting up the classroom, and I will enjoy diving in, even though some of the classes are new to me. I am just glad God has worked it out so that I won't have to homeschool Laney. That is just not the best way for us to learn or teach!!!
Emma will go to the nursery here they have set up for the new families coming in to learn Portuguese, so that will work out okay, then I have just have to get someone to watch her on Fridays.
I will only be teaching in the mornings (but still a couple classes in the afternoon - home ec and music) so it will be busy, but hopefully just for a few weeks!!!
I am also busy these days having people over for meals. We have new people coming in and it is always a nice way to get to know them, and help them out. Plus my friend is moving so I am glad to be able to help at least with a couple meals.
Emma is talking more and more each day, this morning she said to me, "Cereal" then as I reached for the one she wanted, she said " I will get the spoon". It amazes me how they go from pointing and grunting and one word phrases to complete sentences. It is such fun!!!