Friday, August 17, 2007

My first week

Well, it went, and pretty well I must say, though at first I wasn't sure how I was going to do it. Jonathan missed all of school Monday, and part of the day Tuesday, so here I am trying to get myself, Emma, and Laney out the door to nursery and school by 7:45 while telling my sick boy he will be okay. Then I have to drop Emma off and hope she is okay in time to arrive for Chapel at 7:55. It was a bit crazy, but we managed to get through it and not have any major disasters. Though I was a bit rusty on the piano, I managed to play the songs they picked and we had a nice morning.

School started well. Though teaching three grades is a bit difficult, it has gone well. They are all starting on a new Math (Math-U-See) and a new English (Shurley) so it works to teach all three at the same level, though I imagine soon my first grader will need more time and the others will start zooming ahead. Then the rest of the day is scheduled so each of the kids can work on the worksheets at their grade level, with little breaks all through the morning to keep them hopping from thing to thing. I enjoy reading them a story each morning. I found a book that I loved when I was their age, full of great short stories.

Scott arrived home safely. I was quite worried about him the day he was in central Sao Paulo. It is a very large city, either the 2nd or 3rd largest city in the world. He had a horrible time getting to where he wanted to be, but once there, they parked and walked around seeing some of the sites. Thankfully nothing was stolen (it is always a concern when you are walking around with the professional camera he uses). It was so nice though when he arrived home Tuesday (just as I was setting dinner on the table). He has helped so much now in the mornings getting us all off to school, then having lunch ready to eat when we come in around noon. What a blessing!!!

Incredibly he wasn't robbed in Sao Paulo, but the night before last he was robbed of his whole tool bag full of stuff and his cordless drill!!!!! GRRRRRR It is so frustrating. We just had a meeting the other day about how to better secure this place, but we don't want to be totally closed to the towns people, but yet on the other hand things are disappearing left and right. Since we always have a dog, it hasn't been a problem, now with Ginger gone, I think we are going to have to be extra careful. I wish we could just get another dog, but the stuff we have to deal with because we live on a school base is hardly worth the advantage of having a dog.
Pray for us, these are the things that really get you discouraged!!!

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