Sunday, August 5, 2007

We women

I just finished washing the dishes from lunch with the two new families arriving for Portuguese study. It was fun. 12 people around a table, or two, and kids everywhere, but you couldn't stop us ladies from talking, even as we tried to make sure everyone had a place and food.

What I find so interesting is how quickly we want to find ways that we relate. How quickly we see what we have in common. Some of us need this more than others, but oh it is fun. Where are you from? How many kids were in your family? How many brothers did you have, sisters? Were your parents, Christians? How did you meet your husband, etc. It was really fun, then you get to the potty training stories and we are now kindred spirits. You know Anne was the one who gave it a name, but I am sure from the beginning we women were looking for kindred spirits. It only take a few questions, and you know.

I, of course, am ready to share all my Brazil survival secrets. How to find the things you are looking for. What city sells the right kind of diapers. Where you find good fruits and veggies, and what meat is the best. What store carries the good milk and cheese. Who has pepperoni. If it can be found in Brazil (in Goias) Scott and I know where to buy it. We both enjoy shopping, and I love to cook, so these have been things we have just learned. Then of course with Scott's job of video and computer stuff, we are a fountain of unusual facts and information (or so I was told by the third new family that arrived last week).

But it is fun to see new families arriving. God is calling people to Brazil. It is not "reached" as so many people claim. Many people here who say they are "Christians" yet have no walk to match up with the name. Many have been preached the prosperity Gospel, but now are seeing that is not true. Plus almost 100 Tribal groups of people yet to hear. It is exciting to meet couples who will brave the rivers maybe up to 5 days in a boat before they reach their village to bring the Gospel to these people who are asking to hear about Jesus!!!! Yeah!!!!

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