Saturday, August 4, 2007

The shuffle

Yes, that is what we are doing. I thought I had it made. Karla was coming and I would have most of my morning to just enjoy Emma and work on things in a quiet leisurely pace. But no! Karla's visa is taking more time than we thought which is often the case, so I am getting ready to teach three kids 1st -3rd grade ( each in a different grade).
It was fun setting up the classroom, and I will enjoy diving in, even though some of the classes are new to me. I am just glad God has worked it out so that I won't have to homeschool Laney. That is just not the best way for us to learn or teach!!!
Emma will go to the nursery here they have set up for the new families coming in to learn Portuguese, so that will work out okay, then I have just have to get someone to watch her on Fridays.
I will only be teaching in the mornings (but still a couple classes in the afternoon - home ec and music) so it will be busy, but hopefully just for a few weeks!!!
I am also busy these days having people over for meals. We have new people coming in and it is always a nice way to get to know them, and help them out. Plus my friend is moving so I am glad to be able to help at least with a couple meals.
Emma is talking more and more each day, this morning she said to me, "Cereal" then as I reached for the one she wanted, she said " I will get the spoon". It amazes me how they go from pointing and grunting and one word phrases to complete sentences. It is such fun!!!


NoCal Mom said...

Who is Karla?

Jenny said...

Karla is the elementary teacher who is coming down to Brazil for two years to teach. Yeah!!!!!

Tracy said...

Thanks for asking the question "nocal mom," I was wondering the same thing. :)