Sunday, August 12, 2007

bye Ginger

Yes, we said good-bye to the dog we had taken into our home as our pet when we adopted him last year. A missionary family who had him were returning to the states and didn't know if they would come back to Brazil. We took him, fixed him, spoiled him, and then they wrote the other day saying " if he was a problem" they would take him back.

Well, we had some issues with him, but we had worked through them. He really is a great dog. He obeys well, and seemed to understand English very well. I know what they meant was "can we please have our dog back?" So we said they could have him. They came and picked him up. It was fun to see him greet his old family, and Emma is in the middle of this talking to GEENger. "Come here, GEENger. Sit Geenger. and he is obeying her the whole time. As the mom is telling me that he never really obeyed well. Hilarious!!!!

Ginger always slept on Jonathan's bed, and last night it hit. Jonathan was sobbing as he talked about how much he missed Ginger. I wish we could just go get another dog, but having a pet here at the school base is a bit tough, and we have a summer break coming up. It is just harder to deal with pets when you live like we do. I think Tigey misses Ginger, they were great pals, but now he can run and jump and not fear being chased!!!

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