Sunday, August 12, 2007

When husbands are away

Yes, it is kind of nice when they travel. Of course, I miss him terribly, and can't wait for his return, but in the mean time, it is nice to spend the day uninterrupted. Yes, it gets quite boring after a couple days, but I don't know it just seems like I know what is going on with the kids, etc.
The day after he left, Jonathan came down with a fever and has been sick for two days straight. So that has made things quiet, too. He isn't coming and going with his herd of friends. Laney has been playing on the other side of the base as there is a new girl here, so she has been enjoying that. It has been really quiet!!!

My classroom is pretty much ready to go, I will go sweep and mop later today, and make sure I have some activities planned for Monday as it is orientation, and supposed to be fun!!! I am still trying to see how it will all come together. It will be good to just get started. Teaching three grades is a challenge, but I think it will go fine. The three kids are smart kids, so as long as I can help our first grader a bit more and the other two work a little more on their own, I think we will be fine. It will be nice to be on a schedule again.

I also have a couple other classes I am responsible for . I need to get things started on home ec. and my play/music class. It will be fun, but a bit busy!!! I am so thankful Emma can go to the day care. That will be good for her, too, to get out a bit, she has been climbing the walls this week. I hope that she won't spend the whole year in it all morning, but for a little while it will help, then she will just go an hour a day in the morning.

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