Sunday, June 29, 2008

Too hard?

Genesis 18 : 14 Says, "Is anything too hard for the LORD?" Are you praying for anything today, and like me saying "it is too hard!!" Well, that verse sure hit home today. I know in my head nothing is too hard for God, but I think I am afraid that I still hear my parents voices in my head saying that I don't need it, or feeling that God doesn't want me to have it.
Sometimes God gives us desires, and sometimes we just want things, and yet, through it all we are to trust God for them, and see what He will do in our lives. So here I am waiting...
Will the LORD answer? Will He provide? I do know nothing is too hard for him, so I will keep praying. Trusting that the desire in my heart he is fully aware of, and I do know that if He wants it to happen, it will.
Verse three of the same chapter Abraham asks the LORD, "Do not pass me by". I know I can trust in this, no matter what happens, I am blessed, and He will not pass me by.

Trust him today for whatever is on your heart. He is faithful to answer, sometimes it is Yes, sometimes No, and sometimes we are still waiting, but He hears and is faithful. Each day, I learn to trust a little more. And even more, I learn to just rest. He is in control, (ps 115:3 - My God is in heaven and He does whatever He pleases) and I know He loves me.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Reasons to miss Maine

Thanks for the moments like this that I keep in my heart until I am home again

So I had posted on my facebook that I missed Maine, and hadn't even really thought of why. But here are a few of the reasons.
1.) The spring/summer perennial gardens
2.) Friends!!!! Spending lazy summer days together watching our kids play together.
3.) Rain!!! - Yes, I know you are a bit sick of all of the rain, but here we are two months into our 6 months of not a drop of rain season, so enjoy the rain today for me.
4.) Shopping - with friends, by myself, a quick run into a store for a soda, or a long day of shopping, it just isn't the same here.
5. ) Family!! I don't even need to elaborate. Even though most of our family is out of state. When I am in the US, there is just more opportunities to go home or have visitors.
6.) Church. The longer I am in Brazil the more I find myself enjoying Sundays. But this compared to crying every Sunday. There still is nothing like being at home and in our church, with people who you only see there, who pray for us, and the many ways we get to serve each other there.
7.) The smell of the woods on a hot summer day, the fresh pine and spicy ferns.
8.) A day at the ocean. Nothing like those!!! The roses that bloom on the shore, the sand between our toes, sand dollars, etc.
9.) Lobster!!! Even clams and fish, just the simple sea foods that if we do find something resembling them here, the taste leaves so much to be desired.
10.) Long drives through woods, by lakes, quaint towns, big cities.
11.) Hikes up the mountain, usually to pick blueberries.

12.) Kayaking across the pond at sunset (the last day we were home we got to do this it has been a good memory I have held onto all this time)
12.) Just so many ways that summer is a rare treat in Maine, like nowhere else ( and I have lived in almost every part of the US)
Thanks for letting me escape for a minute from my little patch of watered grass in the midst of a drying up landscape.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Summer fun

Okay, not everyone will think this is summer fun, but sure did enjoy it!!! Yesterday I made strawberry jam. Scott brought home 2 flats, and I made 4 batches of jam. It felt so good to fill my jars will the red stuff, and I know we will enjoy it for months to come. I will do this at least one more before they go out of season in August. It helps so much as jam is quite expensive here.

From this

to this

to YUM!!!

I must admit it was hard not to eat a whole package of the fresh ones, but I am glad we resisted, cause now look what we have!!!
The other thing I did this week was scrapbook some of my favorite pictures and put them in frames. I can't believe how much my kids have grown, and I also did one of my parents wedding, that was special.

Emma, and friends

Jonathan, Laney and cousins!!!

The Wall!!

The other thing that Scott did for me yesterday was pick up a new hose for my vacuum, something I have needed for months, and new foam for the top of my bed. The foam that I had had on the bed was almost 8 years old!!! Can you believe we have been here that long!!! And my bed resembled an ocean with all the waves in it!!! I now have a nice flat, and supportive bed again, though my body wasn't as appreciative ( oh how we hate change, even when it is a good one). I am sure tomorrow I will sleep well as usual.

Last week Scott was sick, and pretty much the whole week he was struggling to get through the day, and then high fevers every night. Emma had it this week, and then it developed into a chest cold. Lots of congestion. She hasn't eaten much all week, and looks quite thin. She did eat today, so I am thankful that it looks like we are over it. Jonathan who has fought bad infections in two fingers is finally over that, and his nail is starting to grow in ( it got really nasty, but he never complained so I would forget about it when things got busy) And now Laney is going through her trial. We took her to the dentist a month ago cause a tooth was bothering her. So the dentist set up a cleaning, etc. and then postponed appointments so that when she went in on Thursday, she had an abscess in her tooth, and will need a root canal - it is a baby molar, but we will do it. She is dreading Tuesday!!! pray for her!!!
God has been good, and we have been able to get the things we needed this month. Almost all of our bills will be caught up by next month, which is a good feeling. Thank you, Lord!!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

What keeps me busy

Yes, I can't believe it has been 4 weeks since we ended school!!! I don't know what I have been busy doing, other than cleaning, dusting and watering plants. We have heard more reliable rumors about the road being paved soon, but from what I hear, most people won't believe it until they see it with their own eyes. That will be great, if it does get paved, of course when they start it, it will just be even dustier!!!!!!!!
I am teaching a summer class for a couple of my English students. Their grammar is a bit weak so we are working on the basics. Hopefully they will be ready to go starting in August!!! I am getting excited about next year. I should be busy, but not too busy. I won't do as much as I have in the past, but then maybe I will be able to help out in new areas.
Wycliff missionaries have been pouring in, along with new Portuguese students. I have had one couple over, and hope to have more. It is nice to get to know these people as we learn where they are from and things we have in common. I love hearing peoples stories ( just like I love reading them) and so we have enjoyed this process.
Yesterday we had a garage sale. It is a great way to spend time with your neighbors, and they all come!!! A few will try and hassle a lower price, but most don't. I think the ones who know you well, will as it is their custom, but most are just excited to be able to get nice American things for very little!!! I sold most of the little things, cleared out about 6 suitcases of junk. But I still have one suitcase left; mostly things I didn't want to give away, so the prices were a bit higher.
After the garage sale we went with our friends Andy and Gina to Goiania and spent our hard earned cash ( and believe me it is a lot of work!!!) on groceries at Sam's. It was fun to get away, and go to McDonalds. Walk around in a clean, air conditioned mall, and laugh with friends. All in all, a nice day!!!
Well, I am sure there will be more updates, but mostly they will say the same things, cleaned and dusted today, played with the kids, watered the plants, taught a class or two. Once in a while I will cook a nice meal and invite friends over. Isn't summer grand!!!!! Just miss our pond in Maine, now that would be nice!!! We are praying about getting a way for a few days to a resort area near by. Word of Life has places we can stay at for very little and nice heated pools (remember it is winter) so hopefully we can do that soon.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Thoughts from Philippians

I was reading through Philippians today (one of my most favorite books) and was struck again by how this book so encapsulates - like my big word :o) - many of my feelings toward you. chapter 1 verses 3-5
I thank my God upon every rememberance of you, always in every prayer of mine making request for you all with joy. For your fellowship in the gospel from the first day until now.
It goes on, but those words are so true. Your friendships and prayers, the things we have learned together, the ways we have served together, and now many years down the road from then, I know you stand with me, and you are in my prayers.
We had a great month last month as we saw God provide for our needs and many of our friends give sacrificially ( we hear how expensive the gas is there and are in shock) Even those who couldn't give now, expressed their care and concern, and prayers. So many of you, knowing how much I miss home, and how disappointed I was not to be able for us all to return to the states for the summer as we had originally thought we would, sent packages, full of goodies, and yes, things we needed. How do I express my thanks??? How do I share how much this means to me, and how I feel that I am able to be here and serve with a full heart because of your part in our lives and ministry???
Paul says it so well in chapter four, I just have to quote him. Verse 10 stood out to me in a way it never had ( I don't know how many times I have memorized these chapters) He says
But I rejoice in the Lord greatly that now at last your care for me has flourished again; though you surely did care, but you lacked opportunity. He goes on to say that with or without he has learned to be content - this is my prayer!!! And verse 18b is the best part.. He says
the things sent from you, a sweet-smelling aroma, an acceptable sacrifice, well pleasing to God. I can't imagine being in prision like Paul and what it was he missed the most, but that those around him were able to shower him with their love and concern and what that meant to Paul.
So from the bottom of my heart, I say thanks!!! and most importantly
Now to our God and Father be glory forever and ever. Amen (v22)