Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Reasons to miss Maine

Thanks for the moments like this that I keep in my heart until I am home again

So I had posted on my facebook that I missed Maine, and hadn't even really thought of why. But here are a few of the reasons.
1.) The spring/summer perennial gardens
2.) Friends!!!! Spending lazy summer days together watching our kids play together.
3.) Rain!!! - Yes, I know you are a bit sick of all of the rain, but here we are two months into our 6 months of not a drop of rain season, so enjoy the rain today for me.
4.) Shopping - with friends, by myself, a quick run into a store for a soda, or a long day of shopping, it just isn't the same here.
5. ) Family!! I don't even need to elaborate. Even though most of our family is out of state. When I am in the US, there is just more opportunities to go home or have visitors.
6.) Church. The longer I am in Brazil the more I find myself enjoying Sundays. But this compared to crying every Sunday. There still is nothing like being at home and in our church, with people who you only see there, who pray for us, and the many ways we get to serve each other there.
7.) The smell of the woods on a hot summer day, the fresh pine and spicy ferns.
8.) A day at the ocean. Nothing like those!!! The roses that bloom on the shore, the sand between our toes, sand dollars, etc.
9.) Lobster!!! Even clams and fish, just the simple sea foods that if we do find something resembling them here, the taste leaves so much to be desired.
10.) Long drives through woods, by lakes, quaint towns, big cities.
11.) Hikes up the mountain, usually to pick blueberries.

12.) Kayaking across the pond at sunset (the last day we were home we got to do this it has been a good memory I have held onto all this time)
12.) Just so many ways that summer is a rare treat in Maine, like nowhere else ( and I have lived in almost every part of the US)
Thanks for letting me escape for a minute from my little patch of watered grass in the midst of a drying up landscape.


Tracy said...

Great picture!!!

NoCal Mom said...

I LOVE this picture. I saved it to my computer so I can look at it when I miss everyone in it. Thanks for posting it.