Sunday, June 22, 2008

Summer fun

Okay, not everyone will think this is summer fun, but sure did enjoy it!!! Yesterday I made strawberry jam. Scott brought home 2 flats, and I made 4 batches of jam. It felt so good to fill my jars will the red stuff, and I know we will enjoy it for months to come. I will do this at least one more before they go out of season in August. It helps so much as jam is quite expensive here.

From this

to this

to YUM!!!

I must admit it was hard not to eat a whole package of the fresh ones, but I am glad we resisted, cause now look what we have!!!
The other thing I did this week was scrapbook some of my favorite pictures and put them in frames. I can't believe how much my kids have grown, and I also did one of my parents wedding, that was special.

Emma, and friends

Jonathan, Laney and cousins!!!

The Wall!!

The other thing that Scott did for me yesterday was pick up a new hose for my vacuum, something I have needed for months, and new foam for the top of my bed. The foam that I had had on the bed was almost 8 years old!!! Can you believe we have been here that long!!! And my bed resembled an ocean with all the waves in it!!! I now have a nice flat, and supportive bed again, though my body wasn't as appreciative ( oh how we hate change, even when it is a good one). I am sure tomorrow I will sleep well as usual.

Last week Scott was sick, and pretty much the whole week he was struggling to get through the day, and then high fevers every night. Emma had it this week, and then it developed into a chest cold. Lots of congestion. She hasn't eaten much all week, and looks quite thin. She did eat today, so I am thankful that it looks like we are over it. Jonathan who has fought bad infections in two fingers is finally over that, and his nail is starting to grow in ( it got really nasty, but he never complained so I would forget about it when things got busy) And now Laney is going through her trial. We took her to the dentist a month ago cause a tooth was bothering her. So the dentist set up a cleaning, etc. and then postponed appointments so that when she went in on Thursday, she had an abscess in her tooth, and will need a root canal - it is a baby molar, but we will do it. She is dreading Tuesday!!! pray for her!!!
God has been good, and we have been able to get the things we needed this month. Almost all of our bills will be caught up by next month, which is a good feeling. Thank you, Lord!!!

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