Sunday, March 30, 2008

catchin up

Happy Easter!!!!
Hello from Brazil, Emma loves to pretend to talk on the phone mimicking me to the exact words, just don't expect her to want to say anything on the real phone.
Well, can you believe it is the end of March?? Where has a third of 08 gone?? Some days when it seems like I will never be home again, I realize how fast our time here is going, and I try and catch my breath.
Well, let's see... Our desert night was a huge hit, we raised enough money to finish all the decorations for the banquet, and then some extra to go toward Senior sneak. And we also were told we could do it again, and they would come back, so...
I am finally done scratching, at least my shingles, still have the usual exzma on my hands, I have a feeling that will be around until I die.
Emma had a special invite for Easter weekend, a tea party. They were waited on hand and foot, and had a special story about Jesus, and lots of goodies, even an egg hunt, my non-people person daughter, really liked the egg hunt, she is good at things like that, but I have finally realized she is content to be with people, the only things she really hates is the camera, it was comical watching her try and duck her head away from the video and photo cameras at this special event.

Scott preached for our sunrise service, that was beautiful as usual, sorry if you had to suffer through the snow to go to yours, we had a nice potluck breakfast afterward, which was nice to fellowship with our coworkers here.
Last week was the usual busy week filled with classes and life. Emma got a fever Thursday night and we are still trying to kick that. Laney is bugged by a bit of a cold, and Jonathan seems to be just the sneezing allergy guy as usual. The sun is shining most of the day, and just rain at night, it is a nice change. We are headed into dry season and already we feel the change, cooler nights, and less humidity in the air. I need to get my curtains down and washed, scrub the mold off a few spots on the walls, the usual spring cleaning.
My last thought is a prayer request. We are sending out a newsletter this week and it is full of surprises (not really) but please be praying that it will touch people's hearts, that we can continue to go forward in the work God has called us to.
Cappy is growing up, but he is still Emma's baby. When I watch Baby Hudson, she carries Cappy around like I carry the baby, to sweet!!!!

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