Tuesday, March 25, 2008

banks, money, Grrrr

Did any of you hear about the big debit card mess in the northeast. Ever wonder what that would do to a missionary in Brazil. Yep, shut you down so fast you are sitting, spinning, on the side of the road!!! Scott's folks were trying to get their cash together to get tickets paid for, and that wasn't happening either. Of course, they drove to the city assuming that the problem was at our dinky bank, spending $20 on a trip that turned out to be wasted. Now our cards are fine, but the bank here has shut the terminal down where we can get our cash!!! My word, it is crazy. This is not a good time to be low in our bank, all our bills hit at the end of the month. So Scott is trying to get to Anapolis again, and the last thing we want is for him to spend another amount to drive into the city, just for cash. Why isn't life a bit more convenient???
Good thing my shingles are better!!! Or I am afraid I would have a relapse

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RO 2007 said...

I feel so much better now that i apologized for my complaining this week about my debit card being taken away!
Love you!