Monday, March 10, 2008


Yes, Retreat was so NICE!!! We spent the mornings in meetings and fun games, the afternoon busy with activities and swimming and then another meeting in the evening. And intermixed with this was fabulous meals!!! Oh, it was nice to be spoiled for a little while. I enjoyed lifeguarding and spending time with Emma, and Scott was busy with his 4 9th grade boys. We stayed at the Word of Life retreat center. And we were the only ones there, so had the run of the place. I tried to imagine what it would look like from what people told us, but it really was better than I could think. Air conditioning and small fridges in our rooms, very spacious foyer and cafeteria, playgrounds, and pools (3) 2 meeting places, and places to meet inside when we had a big rain storm one evening. Comfortable beds, and just nice from beginning to end. It really was a great get away. The speaker for our group is a guy here learning language who has worked with youth for a few years before they came. He did a great job!!!
Games of all kinds every afternoon

The gym, Laney always ready to pose for a picture

Our meeting house, even padded pews!!!
Jonathan during their meetings

Their meeting room

Our worship band

Our high school group

Laney in the foyer with one of the helpers

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