Friday, February 29, 2008

Making it go further

Yes, that is what we did these last two months. If you have found that the price increase at the pump is killing you imagine if you had that same increase hit your food, electricity, and gas - and everything else you had to spend money on. See, the falling dollar is affecting your gas prices, but here we feel it in everything as our dollar gets us less currency every time we take out cash. So we try and find ways to make it go farther, but the best thing is when God just helps out. Like ; my washing machine is working again - I don't have to buy the $150 replacement piece yet; my contacts that should last 2 weeks last 2 and a half months, and then we just drink water instead of flavored drinks, that saved a few dollars, and we cut back on many other things, So hopefully this month the ends will meet, and we will have paid all our bills. At least we can say we did our best!!! Even my babysitting job ( I made $30 this month) helped. I guess sometimes we want the BIG miracle, but God gives us a bunch of little ones, and we count them up to be bigger than you think!!!

Here are a couple fun pictures from my week

Emma and Cappy are becoming fast friends
The girls hard at work on their home ec projects A perfect rose

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