Sunday, February 17, 2008

Rain and Shine

Can you see the rainbow that is behind my house?? Yes, when the sun comes out, even if it is just between downpours it brightens our life. We were treated to some amazing storms this week, also two beautiful rainbows, one that set itself right down on the ground in front of our house. I didn't get a picture of that one as I was riding furiously towards Scott's office to unplug everything, as there was quite a thunderstorm headed our way.

Even the sunsets after a day of rain were breath taking this week. It is one of those times when you just have to stop and be thankful that you are where God has put you. This morning as I was leaving church with Emma (the time changed back so we were a little off...) A tucan was in the tree above us and we were able to just watch him, he was so close you could see the rainbow on his nose.( it goes from white to yellow to orange to red)

And a friend told me I should post my new hair cut, so here it is, the photography done by Laney!!! I couldn't believe the reaction I got from the kids. I guess they couldn't imagine me different. So when I came to school the next day with bangs it was hilarious!!! "Why did you do that??? "(one asked ) "Oh, Jen, you look like those pictures all over your house... of you!" "It would look cute if maybe you combed them this way" another offered. I guess bangs aren't really in, and they were trying to figure out why I would cut my hair in a way that wasn't the latest trend - which by the way is just VERY LONG!!! But it I like it and it goes well with my constant partner - the pony tail!!! What do you think??? My friend, Gina, who I have known from Bible School said I looked liked I did when I was there - That's good. right? I wouldn't mind looking 18 again!!!

A few other things:

Scott has had a bad cough all week and we have missed a lot of sleep, especially him, I sleep through most of it. Pray he gets well soon. I have had a bad intestinal flu and seem to over it, but my intestines don't want to get over it, so I am still not quite myself, (but now I am just a pound or 2 from my last weight loss goal, my weight before I got pregnant with Jonathan - but now none of my clothes fit) Also pray for Scott as he tries to finalize his last trip he will make in this job, to a tribe on the Amazon. It looks like there are two flights coming and going to this tribal location so he has a way into the tribe, and the mission is considering his petition for the finances, and I found a sale on line for his tickets to where he gets the mission flight that cuts them in half. Pray for God's timing and that it will all work out. This would complete his archive of photos and video so that any presentation can be put together to reflect all the work that we do. Things are slowing down, he has even been home around 6 a couple days. It is nice.

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Kris & Kendra Rickert said...

I like the color of your hair, and your bangs! You look great!