Tuesday, February 12, 2008

fun stuff

Thanks so much for your empathy with my February blues. I am starting to feel a bit better. I do wonder if it has any connection to that fact that I have been quite shaky (yes really my hands are shaking a lot) lately. Could it be that 3 cups of coffee a day plus some ice tea thrown in is the cause, or have I just been too busy?? I am a bit stressed over having 2 new students but I don't think that is it. I just know something is off...

I was getting some water (a couple of my home ec girls wondered if I was shaky cause of lack of fluids, or protein, nope, getting plenty of those) and realized that I don't really like cold water anymore. Have I been in Brazil too long, they don't like cold water on a hot day either. And yes it is a hot day, sunny, bright and beautiful. We are just soaking it up. It poured last night, but today we woke to a beautiful sunrise. I do hope our time changes soon, it is so hard getting up in the morning. It is gets darker every day!!! I hope you guys north of us are enjoying your days getting longer.

Emma is getting cuter by the day, she doesn't ask for a drink of juice by saying something like "Mom, can I have a drink, please?" No she frames her question this way. "Emma do you want a drink?" then answers it for herself. "Of course!". Where do these kids come from??? Laney is doing great with her new book worm contest. She has already completed three shortened classics (about 120 pages each book) Heidi, Anne of Green Gables, and the Secret Garden. and is on her fourth. I think she is beating out some of the 4th graders, at least her brother. Jonathan is growing up. I was watching him with his friends at the pool yesterday. He is still the leader, suggesting each game they should play, and how to play it. He has always been the leader since he was 2, it is just different now, he gets his big boy face all serious, and talks commanding like. Where did my little boy go???

Well I am off to a teacher's meeting this afternoon, I hope it is a productive meeting and not one where I get involved in things I don't need to. (hey you could pray I keep my mouth shut this time!!!) I just always can add something to every discussion, but I don't know if I need to.

Thanks again for all your prayers and concern, Love you guys!!! Jen

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