Monday, February 11, 2008


Believe it or not we actually saw the sun. We had two gorgeous days this weekend, and today it is clouding up again. Maybe that is why I want to just lay my head on my pillow and cry. I don't know maybe it is just hormones, or life. Isn't it crazy how we can feel great even when things are difficult and other days we can't seem to get ourselves out of the muck we are feeling. I am afraid it is the usual February blues. Even here in Brazil we struggle with this. My friends around me are homesick, too. So I need to come up with something cheerful.
Friday night was Girls Night Out and I had 5 ladies come over and we watched a good chick flick, and ate yummy food. Scott was nice and took the kids to his office and they watched their Christmas movie Crazy Horses. That was nice. Saturday was a busy day, but I feel good. I got a lot done, and had time to relax. I even got the mold scrubbed off my ceiling where there must be a small leak. Oh, the mold and dampness, it was incredible last week!!! The worst of the previous 4 weeks with rain that just didn't let up. The kids went through three outfits a day, just to stay in dry clothes.
Sunday was nice, too. Scott preached a great message on knowing when to let go, and when to hold on, and Who to hold on to. I love seeing him get better and better as he gets back into this mode. We are praying about how to transition into a full time position at the school, and hand off the video ministry to the Brazilians, pray for us to know how best to do that. Especially so we don't end up with 2 full time jobs.
Today was back to reality. Teaching a couple kids who are new and struggling has certainly made class different, and I need to find a better way to do it. Before now my kids were pretty much on the same page, now I have to wait a lot for some to finish each page, so how do I teach each section and give class time to do the work, and not have some students with an overwhelming amount of homework????? Well, pray for me, and wisdom in that. Now I am off to do my home ec class. I think I will have them cook my supper for me, maybe that will help my day feel better? And how bout some peanut butter whoopie pies??? I think we should make those today!!!!!
Thanks for listening, thanks for your prayers, pray I can get out of this homesick low!!!

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Kris & Kendra Rickert said...

I know all about the February blues! We are going to break the record today for the snowyest winter on record...and it is only February! We can still see snow into April! We have gotten three times as much snow as we did last year! I feel a little like we are living in Narnia...always winter but never Christmas! :) I guess it will make me appreciate spring and summer more!