Sunday, February 24, 2008


We got an answer to one of our prayers for direction. Scott has really wanted to take one last trip to a tribe in West Brazil, but each time it looks like it might be possible, God shuts the door. We don't know why, but definitely cost is a huge factor. Trying to get into a flight going that direction, so we can share the cost, and also the flight out back to civilization. Lots of dots to connect. Plus his department must approve the trip's cost and help fund it, etc. etc. It looked like it might happen the first week of march, but we just heard, the plane is too full (mission plane) so it is back on the back burner.
It was a good thing, though, cause the trip would have been right in the middle of our school retreat. Scott will be a 9th grade boys counselor, and supervise the teens worship group. He really didn't want to miss that. I am going to lifeguard, and watch Emma. It is just a 3 day getaway, but we are looking forward to it. I hope we have some nice sunny days.
Laney has been gone all weekend, she went to Anapolis for a birthday party sleepover. Because there were people going on Friday and others returning on Sunday we figured maybe the smart thing would be a weekend trip. I hope she has a good time. Sure is quiet around here. Emma missed her at first, and kept looking for her, but now is just content to play by herself.
I didn't realize how much Emma loves her stuffed animals. I went to put her to bed last night and she was looking for Froggy, then where are the Kitties she asked, and then Bambi, then Dog. I fished them out of the toy box one by one, once she had her little family, she was content and went right to sleep.
Last night was fun. We had some friends over for supper, then they took their kids home, got them ready for bed and left them with a sitter. Returning with a game. We had coffee and cake, watched a bit of American Idol (why is that show so addicting?) then sat down to a couple nice competitive games of Taboo. First the girls against the guys, at first we thought we were going to beat them soundly, but they got into the game and we almost lost. Then it was couple time. That was fun, Scott and I got 7 at one turn. We yelled and screamed, laughed until we were crying, so nice to just enjoy each other's company.

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