Monday, February 4, 2008


Well Sunday the sun peeked out for a few minutes just as we bowed our heads and dedicated the new playground to be used for God's glory and for our kids development. The leader of the group shared a couple of his concerns about some areas kids might get hurt, but our kids don't seem deterred at all by that thought, though I am sure more than a few sore muscles and scrapes will be nursed in the coming days.
We had a time of fellowship afterwards where we thanked the group for all their hard work. Many of our staff were also involved. The maintenance worked many hours with the team, and one of our families here learning Portugues helped out with the welding. Eric did this for a job when the lived in Germany, but it was a sacrifice for the whole family as he gave so much of his vacation time to see the project completed. Scott put together a nice show for the team to take back and show their churches what they were doing. It has been a busy time!!! I have hardly seen Scott except for Lunches and maybe by 9 pm he is home for an hour before he leaves to lock everything up and go to bed. The conference work is almost done. About 12 prayer card projects, which require some running to town to get printed and get final approvals. Many copies of the conference videos and then also many copies of his other presentations, and then just a gizzilion other things!!! His class, Sunday service and praise and worship team practices, a show put together for the girls returning from a work trip to a tribal church ( three of our seniors) and it goes on, copying video tapes to DVD for missionaries, and tapes to CD's etc. etc. I don't know how he keeps it all straight and then in his free time he is helping his parents as much as possible as they don't have a car and have quite a few things to accomplish before they head north. Pray for us to hold it together until things slow down a bit.

Emma loved the slide, she went down by herself right away.

It is quite a steep climb up to the top of the fort, but Emma was ready to go as long as someone would hold her hand.

She even tried the bridge but got nervous half way across.

Even the tire swing was fun, we tried it all out!!!

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