Tuesday, March 25, 2008


This week in chapel, one of our missionaries told the story of the Good Samartan, and reminded me of their life. Scott is writing a script and working on a presentation for this couple from Holland. They are an amazing testimony to everyone around them of how we need to serve our neighbors. Compassion is definitely one word that comes to mind when you talk to her, as she shares a story of someone in the church or area who is struggling. Tears immeditaly pool in her eyes, as she tells the story passionately. If there is a part of the story where someone is doing a wrong thing, she spits it out, with anger, you finally see what being angry and not sinning looks like.
I was watching an old Oprah, they usually are about a month behind down here, and she was talking of her new show, The Big Give. What a challenge it is to us to see how we can do more, with less. So many times we think we can't help for different reasons. But we can, and more that just giving money, but through showing you care, through giving up something that is precious, like time, or kids toys. Scott has gotten to know one of the families in our church that is really struggling. The mom was a prostitute before she came to Christ. She has two older daughters and 3 young sons. Probably each from a different father. As she started to turn her life around the church saw what an impossible task it would be for her to do on her own. Our church decided that they needed a home. So they started raising the funds for that. Scott got to know the boys as he helped where he could with the house, and filming the project to send to Holland so that a church there which was helping could see the progress. They moved into the house before Christmas, but it is past our base and on the outskirts of town. The boys have quite a ways to go to get to school. And the family only had one bike. So Scott went searching for a used bike he could buy for a little and fix up for them. They were thrilled, then, they were back, the tire was flat, so he helped fix that, then one boy came by one day and asked for a backpack, so we dug around and found one we hadn't used in years, packed it full of school supplies and sent him on his way, now he needs soccer shoes. Well, maybe when Jonathan grows out of his next pair... It is hard to buy new things for them, as the cheaper kinds are made so poorly, but the nice kinds are very expensive, starting at $40 and going up. I ordered Jonathan's next pair on clearance at Kohls and am having them mailed down, they still come out quite a bit cheaper, and better.

Please pray for this family. The mother is Laura and here is a picture of 4 of her kids. Her oldest daughter is being tempted to get involved in prostitution, she knows you can make good money at it, and is quite comfortable around it. So sad!!!!! I believe the oldest is not in this picture.

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