Sunday, April 6, 2008

Life is Good!!!

So it was a long week, I don't know why, but it was. Emma wet the bed twice, that wasn't fun, I don't know why she is doing it, maybe it is the change in seasons?? She does so well on the potty, but almost always is a bit wet by the time she gets there (maybe cause she likes to run everywhere), so changes her undies, we go through a lot of undies every week. She is cute, so very organized and methodical. Has to use a wipe when she goes number 2, makes sure that I help her, and even now speaks so clearly making her requests.
She said "I love you" for the first time this week, that was very special, and she didn't just say " I love you", but " I love you, Mommy". I have waited along time to hear that. She is always saying " Amen" at the end of our prayers, but I wanted to see if she would pray, she did, mumbled something, then said "Amen". So precious. She likes to have her hair done, and let me braid it today, and seems to like to be told she looks nice. What a big girl. Fitting into her 4T's very nicely. I think Laney was 5 before she wore 4T's.
Laney prayed in church today when Daddy asked who would like to pray. She prayed for her cousin who was in the hospital from an Appendectomy. And for her grandparents who are traveling, and for her teacher's grandpa who is home from the nursing home. It was very special. Jonathan is growing up, too, shared quite a few testimonies in church on Sunday a couple weeks ago, likes is new devo book, and still has so many questions and thoughts about the Bible. He is doing well at school. He really does love to learn, Math, and Science being his favorites. Still loves to learn about animals, but this year they have studied plants and he really likes that, too.
This week has been nice as Scott is finally done with all the extras he has had on his desk since January. He is home most evenings, and just more relaxed. He has a big show for the mission Bible School he finished and will send off for their checking and feedback. And now he is working on two personal shows for a couple families headed home for furlough ( one is in Dutch)
This week we will be doing standardized testing. I will have 9th grade and Scott 10th. It will be a busy week with lots of extra time for me at School. Thankfully Emma can be in the daycare for the whole week, that will be a big help.
I thought that rainy season was really ending, it was so dry and dusty last week, but Thursday night it started to rain and has been raining since. I was even going to take a picture of the road out in front of my house where there has been a lake since November, showing it dried up, but it is full of water again. I must admit, even though the rain is inconvenient, I will so miss it when it goes.
My maid is no longer working for us, and that was a help for our monthly budget. It isn't a lot a month (just $60) but it will help. She helped most by watching Emma so I could teach, but I can have Scott help out, and I am not as busy this semester as I was last semester. So I am cleaning my house again. I forgot how much I do enjoy that. Places that she never cleaned are getting taken care of and other things I don't notice I have finally gotten under control. I am more picky about the kids wearing shoes into the house, but oh well, they will just have to learn!!!!!
I got a couple fun packages in the mail from Maine, how nice it was to have my needs (peanut butter, Tylenol, hair gel, deodorant) and wants (nuts, bath gels, cappuccino mix) met and few luxuries on top of that!!! Clams, Andes mints!!! Scott got his favorite - Peeps - they were for the kids, but I think he enjoyed them the most, and the kids were thrilled with their fruit snacks. Yes, Life is Good.

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