Sunday, April 13, 2008

Can you pray for Asphalt??

Yes, that is the question. I know we should pray for salvation for the nations, for the health of a loved one, and even for the dollar to return to pre-Euro strength, but what about praying that the road out front of my house to finally get paved.
It has been twenty years or more that the town has been promising to pave this road. It is the road all the trucks use instead of driving through the downtown area to get to the highway. It is a busy road, and especially this time of year with all the harvest traffic. Thankfully we had a good rain last night so the dust is down quite a bit. but I am sure by noon it will be dried out and clouds of dust will billow across the yard again.
The question is Why am I asking now when it has been like this for so long. Well, this morning down at church one of my neighbors (she makes those lovely crochet rugs I have given to almost everyone I know - who refuse to use them as rugs and uses them to decorate tables and chairs) told me that the equipment is here and they are waiting on Asphalt. So please if after you have covered all those needy prayer requests and you have an extra moment pray for Asphalt!!!
church was nice today. The pastor preached on the Jewish Feasts. It was so neat seeing how they all correlate to Christ's death, resurrection, the church, second coming and millennium. It was cool. I tried to translate as much as I could for the lady sitting next to me. She has learned a lot of Portuguese, but all those tec terms, and at that speed, it is hard to keep up.
The power was out for 4 hours this morning, it is finally on. I must admit it was nice. We had a quiet morning, different, and the kids really played together. I enjoy that. But it is even better when the power finally came on again!!!
Hope you have a nice Sunday. Want to come over for dinner?? WE are having chicken finger with home made BBQ sauce, mashed potatoes, biscuits and corn. So much for starting back on my diet today :o)

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