Thursday, December 20, 2007


What is it about a 3 year old that is so precious? Today at supper she ate her corn on the cob and commented "licious" then added "this corn is 'licious" and "yummy!!" OH, if today could just be frozen in time. She is now on her tenth time around the house, through the front door and in the back door. Happy to be coming and going, saying hi as she goes. I was so proud of her during the Cantata she just sat happily and contented with my friend Gina, and only once thought she should go be with mommy. By the way, my choir did a great job, it was such fun to put it all together. I was a bit worried for them as it was pretty hot and it is a long time to sing with taking a water break, but they pulled it off. Scott's duet with one of our students was great, I could have listened to him all day.
Emma is been playing a lot with Laney's toy houses and people, they are the fisher price family ones that are quiet small. She is really starting to have her characters interact, I love hearing her play it reminds me so of Laney who always had quite the story happening. Christmas is getting close and I can't wait to see her open her presents. She opened a couple one day when Scott and I were at Choir practice and Jonathan was "watching" her. But since then she has joined the other two to just look at the few gifts under our tree and wonder what is in them. I am so thankful for those who mailed us gifts as the things we bought the kids will come with Charis, but thanks to my mom, Marcy, and a church in Maine there are presents under the tree for everyone, and I did hear that Santa was stopping by...
Here are the other pictures that we took of our family that I didn't send in the Christmas card, look at Emma she is smiling for the camera!!! Now that was nice (note, she usually points at the camera and says " no cheese!")

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