Sunday, February 22, 2009

The process of letting go

The next step is here - return to the states and interview with the leadership at our NTM Bible Schools for a job.

Our flights are booked and we leave the 28th of May. Soon after we arrive - like within days - we will drive or fly to Michigan for the job interview.

So many questions come to mind as we head this way.

1.) When would we move??

2.) How much will it cost to live in the USA, will our support be sufficient?

3.) Where will our kids go to school?

4.) What will my job be?

and so on...

But first we have to move.

This process is not like the typical moving process. We must sell almost everything. We get 10 suitcases and 5 carry ons to bring all that we treasure most - and also the necessary things ( like tax record for 7 years!!!). A few people here have offered suitcases, since most people returning to the US are just going for a month or two they don't need all that space. But still at the most I can see us having around 15 70 pounds suitcases to pack.

So we must sell, give away or throw away the rest - you know the stuff you hang on to that has not value to anyone but you - like kids school projects, cards old videos etc. Then when we return to the US and we must decide what we need to replace or what can we live without. A lot of the stuff we are selling are things we need to replace - yes, even the kids toys, hopefully we can find stuff at garage sales for good deals...

Most of our kids toys, and most of our books will stay.

Most of my kitchen stuff will stay, bedding, curtains, pillows, etc,

Of course, all furniture will stay.

What goes with? our favorite stuff, like the kids favorite toys, my decorations and pictures that give our home the same feel no matter where we live, clothes, of course my scrapbooks ( man are they heavy) and card making supplies!!! My favorite books, and smaller kitchen tools. Quilts, computers, DVD's (thank goodness those are smaller than videos) and so on. It is exhausting!!! You try to imagine what is going to fit in our few suitcases and hope for the best.

The hard part is that we are selling our stuff to friends and co-workers. People with little money, and big needs. How do you ask for a fair price. I can't ask what it will cost to replace it if I am going to buy it new - I am selling a used product, yes, a lot of these items I brought from the US, and you can't find them here, still is it fair, I don't know??

As you can see it is hard to let go.

I do think we have put good prices on the stuff, as most is already spoken for, just a few things to sell.

So please pray for us as we go through this, it isn't easy, I find myself worn out with the thinking.

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Kendra Rickert said...

We are praying for you as you walk through this process. Know exactly how it is! Praying for peace for the kids too as they let go as well.