Saturday, July 26, 2008

more projects accomplished!

Here are just a few of the things we have been busy doing.
I made jam again, so good to have enough to make it through the year with, by the time we run out we will be tired of Strawberry Jam for sure!!!
Scott built a bookcase, actually 2, a smaller one and this one. He found the pine planks, very rough, and sanded them down and put these together. He truly loves being creative with his hands. It was fun just sitting out watching him go to town on it. I held a board once in a while when he needed me.
I finished another quilt, this material was in my bedroom in Anapolis, but when we moved into the house, I made my room blue to hold all the nice pictures I had from our guest room, so then I knew I had to do something nice with the other material, and i made seat cusions for the dining room table chairs

This is my sister's finance, Jerry, I am getting very excited to meet him and see her with him. It looks like Laney and I will go, which will be very special!!! I found good tickets into Boston, and now just need to find a better price for our tickets to anchorage. Because her wedding is the 20th, it seems that all the specials are blacked out for her wedding week. GRRRRRR

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