Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Wow, july already

So here it is one more month and school will be starting, and I still have a list of projects I want to get to. I haven't even started the scrapbook projects I have been dreaming of, and I have a quilt and pillowcovers I want to make for the living room with some favorite material I used years ago for curtains. It is still nice material and it has been sitting in my sewing box since we moved out of our house in Anapolis.
I finished my first quilt. I was going to sell it but I can't, it is just too pretty, I think this will be Emma's (not that I will let her have it yet, but something she can take with her someday) This quilt has strawberry shortcake and holly hobby material in it. My friend Norma gave me a bunch of scraps on furlough and I have finally had time to do something with them!!

So today I will start my next project. I have a crick in my neck, but really it will feel better if I keep moving.

Yesterday was our Bible Study day, we studied the Approaching and Approachable God from the second part of Genesis chapter 18. I can still hear my Dad preaching a message from that passage like it was yesterday. ( I miss hearing him ) Anyway, it was a good study reminding me how much God wants to have a relationship with me, how He wants to teach us. And it also devels into the whole concept of the righteous and the wicked, and how he does care about the righteous. Even in verse 25 you see Abraham asking God "will you do what is right??" Can we question God? Yes, he wants us to go to him with our Whys?? !!

Summer break is nice just for this reason, to have time for a Bible Study. Beth Moore'r are quite involved you do a lot of homework, but it is rich and good. It has given me something to really dig into while I am free from the dailys of school.

Emma has been changing so much these days. Some fun changes and some that need some discipline. She just came in with her underwear for me to put on her, but then she did it herself when Dad said to put her skivies on. She said " They're not skivies, there jamies" In which I told her they are not jamies but undies. She said " they are not undies they are skivies." Yes, she is really growing up fast. She went and got her pants ( another thing we are working on, that she will keep herself dressed) and she got Laney's pants and put them on. Here she is ready for the day, and wearing her usual expression when you want a picture ( no smiles!!!)

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