Wednesday, January 21, 2009

hair cuts, smiles, cats, cards and flowers,

Here is my new cut, what do you think? It feels so good!

Okay, so I was having fun playing with my new hair cut!!
And Laney was willing to take pictures

Laney took this picture of Emma
Emma has learned to smile for pictures and we are having fun, but trying to not wear it out!!!

Summer is here and we are busy trimming trees and trying to keep up with the lawns, Uncle Buck is busy day and night with Mangos and trees and grass, Thanks for keeping our place looking so nice ( yes and the rest of you - Uncle Miles and Tim!!)
Even Jonathan is learning how to help

My favorite vine that grows all over the front of our house is covered with flowers
A new flower, I really like that yellow, so cheerful on these rainy days

A rose, hidden in the vines of the purple flower plant
This is right by our front door, and my violets seem quite happy here. I like seeing them when I come and go.

fun card projects

New Year's lunch
Beef Tenderloin, baked to 160 degrees, and so yummy!!!

Nothing better than taking a nap with your best bud
What does Tigey do when I add a special touch to Laney's room??
Make it his new favorite place to sleep.
It is dark, but he is snuggled just under this window in Laney's room

He is always doing something cute, whether sleeping or awake, what is he doing now??
drinking from the ice water our guest was soaking her feet in!!!!

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Kelley said...

I LOVE the new hair cut! It looks fabulous.

That picture of Emma with the kitty (can't remember that one's name) is so cute!

Can't believe I haven't seen you around (except for hanging up laundry the other day!) When can I come over for a visit?