Saturday, January 31, 2009

That's what we are here for

I know it might not sound like much but running to the airport in Brasilia ( a 2 hour trip each way) to transport missionaries to and from airports is what Scott is doing today ( that and preparing for his message on the persecuted church for tomorrow)
The wife of the airplane mechanic kept saying thank you. Yes it had been a busy week as we helped them purchase tickets and fly the same day to Manaus. Joel had to take his passport in person to the customs department before they would release his tools. Janelle and Joel are here with New Tribes Missions to work with Missionary Aviation Fellowship and Wycliffe in a team effort to get as many missionaries into the remote areas of Brazil to reach the unreached.
We have spent the week helping with meals, and babysitting, arranging the return ticket and picking up Joel tonight at the airport. But it is with joy, that we can have a part in their lives as they prepare to serve others in a remote region of the world.
As Janelle was expressing her thanks and lamenting the bother they were being I said and was reminded myself, that this is what we are here for. And it brought such joy to be able to say it. I love the fact that by serving others we are helping in the big picture of tribal missions. That we are using our special gift of helps ( Scott and I both love to serve and he has such a servant's heart) to reach the lost.
Not all of us get to be in the tribe, some of us are at home in the US praying, teaching to prepare new missionaries, giving, some of us are in a foreign country assisting in schools, in finances, in supply buying, as pilots, and some of us are in the tribe, but we are all involved in tribal missions.
God has opened the door of Brazil in 2000 when we and one other couple worked through much discouragment and finally were able to come. Now many new missionaries are coming, it is exciting to know that through our work with spreading the word of Brazil opportunities (over 90 tribes still unreached) that people are hearing and coming to help. I am so thankful that though our part was just a small part, we have been able to be a help to these new couples coming in. To help them as they adjust to a new culture and share some of the things we have learned and help the adjust. Now these families are moving into unreached areas. One families is head up this month, and will be settling in. We can't wait to see how God will use them!!! A chance for people who have never had a chance to hear, who have asked for missionaries and are finally going to hear the Good News. Praise the Lord!!!

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Kelley said...

So true! That's wonderful how you were able to minister to Joel and Janelle in that way!