Saturday, November 29, 2008

It has been a while

Our first place Word of Life - a very nice apt
Yes, I can't believe all that we have done since I last posted. It has been a very busy month. We snuck away on the afternoon of the 13th of November with the Senior class and headed to a town near here that has a nice water park. It was the perfect rainy day ( cause all the water is hot) and we spent all day enjoying slides, lazy rivers, wave pools, volleyball, etc. We stayed at the Word of Life retreat center it was just 10 dollars a person so a very nice place to stay. We ate cereal and peanut butter and jelly - we were saving up for our big dinner in the city.

Scott and Jonathan - our to fearless leaders

After we left the resort town, we headed to our local huge city and spent the day enjoying the mall, eating out our favorite Brazilian restaurant - see the meat on the stick the bring to your table until you can eat no more - and every kind of meat you can think of - beef, chicken, pork, lamb, and all kind of different cuts. Plus the pinapple that is sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar and roasted over the fire, too.
Leah - enjoying every bite - see the meat in the background?

Lisa - Does she look like Becky ( my sis ) ?
Two happy people enjoying time away from all the crazyness of life
The last day we spent at another town that is in the mountains and has a really nice downtown - the best place to shop for gifts and tourist items, and then we went to the waterfalls, 6 that fall and you climb to the top of the hill, with pool after pool to jump into until you are too tired. One pool is 30 feet deep and the kids climbed up on the sides and jumped into the water, they really liked that!!! Here is a picture of one of the old churches.

Favorite place!!!
My three favorite Senior Girls (Rebecca is the other one)
We got home tired but content. It was a good trip and other than some money being stolen from one of the cabins and a lost camera it was perfect. The seniors are a neat group of kids and we are enjoying the time we get with them before they are off to the big, wide world.
Since sneak it has been busy, busy, busy. Working on Christmas cards, sewing a fun quilt, making Christmas presents, getting the cantata ready to go ( Sunday we will perform at our local church - even some songs we worked up in Portuguese, and the narration is also translated). I helped a little with the kids play, set, costumes, props. And I am even working on a recital piece - a duet. It will be a busy 9 days before I hop on a plane and head to the USA!!! First stop Massachusettes, then Maine, then Alaska, and home in Brazil for Christmas.
The tree is up, Emma told daddy today " isn't the tree beautiful, Daddy??" And Thanksgiving was fun, with all the trimmings, even though it wasn't a day off - Scott covered my morning classes so I could cook to my hearts content.
More updates to follow ( hopefully I can at least post the highlights from this next weeks activites.

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