Tuesday, November 4, 2008

One of those days

Some days go so smoothly you love every minute, other days don't quite go like that.
First, Emma is in run away mode, so we have to be aware at all times where she is and yes, keep the doors locked. Not that she gets into much trouble, she goes and visits neighbors: Pickle the parrot, or Blitzen, our neighbor who give her rides on his carrier bike, Aunt Gina's place filled with friends - the hampster, Guinea pig, lots of fun toys, or follows the cats on their adventures. Anyway, she is always off to new places lately, and we find ourselves having to humbly call around looking for our lost daughter.
Second, My English class is working on a research paper. It isn't always easy to explain the whole process, and some are doing well, others are still trying to understand it. One I think has given up.
Third, it has been very hot, which just adds to the struggle.
Fourth, PE yes, in the heat, and I want my girls to do well, to play hard, and play their best. I know it is hot out, and the sun is bright, but still we need to do our best. How do I coach without sounding like I am yelling at them?? And you know how it is with girls, it is always personal, we taking everything personal. ( do I need to quote You've Got Mail?)
And last of all, it is election day, and who knows who will win. But whenever politics is in the forfront, things like Anti-American sentiment becomes very apparent. We are so hard on our country. America is still the best place in the world. It is an amazing place, where we have so much freedom and opportunity. Where the church is strong and serves. Christians are committed to missions and reaching their world and making a difference. They see outside their own world to the world beyond. Yes, there are lots of bad people in our country, people who do what is right in their own eyes, but still way better than what is around the world.
What makes me so sad is our MK's who grow up in foreign countries where it is quite popular to speak poorly about the US can fall into that same mode. They don't feel at home in the US, they hear us constantly talk about how our country is turning away from God and how bad things are going there, and they can't contextualize this thought. They don't know that there are millions of amazing, sacrificing people in our country, people who believe in right, and standing for what is right, and making a difference. So I find myself saddened, I can't explain to them well enough about what makes the US so great. They have to go there, they have to see it with their own eyes. They have to get to know the people. Because it is all about the people!!!
Scott and I mailed in our ballots. We wanted to have a clear conscience that we did our part. Everyone must do their part, but God knows what is best for our future, what will bring out the best in our lives, and our country. Sometimes he allows difficult times so that we will learn and grow. Let's be Jacob's and hang onto God until he brings out a blessing from this circumstance. Let's not let go when the going gets tough, lets stand strong and be shining lights on a hill, no matter who is president. Because it really doesn't matter. I truly believe this. I don't look to the government to make my life better, it has to be me, being what God has called me to be where He has put me ( and all of us doing our part) that makes our country great!!! It is each person, individually that makes my country great. It is all of you, that have had a part in our lives and work here, that make me proud of being an American!!!
Okay, enough, but I feel better just putting these thoughts down on paper. Thanks for listening


Tracy said...

Thank you for giving me some insight into "your world" and their view of the US. It helps me see in another way how judgmental I can be toward other countries and people. Not everyone is the same even when they live in the same country, or vote for a certain president, or go to a certain demonimation of church... we ALL have our own view of the world!

Jenny said...

I wish I could have worded it better. How we struggle to have a positive view of the country we live in, and also to remain patriotic, it is not an easy place to be, and many people who have grown up here and now are raising their kids here, face a bigger struggle. It isn't easy being an ex-pat as we are called!!!

lavender said...

Ron and I voted early and are trusting God as 'the heart of the king' is in His Hands! I love reading your posts. We are praying for you all.

Your friend,

Kelley said...

Yeah, since moving here I've been enlightened to the negative parts of our country but it is still good to recognize/remember all of the positive traits we hold as a nation as well!