Sunday, November 2, 2008

Other pictures

I should write a note and tell you all the busy and fun things we are doing, but my brain is too tired from the never ending heat!!! So when it cools down and I can think again, I will send you a nice newsie note, until then, enjoy the snapshots of our busy week.
We went camping last weekend, lots of fun, nice cold water and good food, just a little too much sun. But it could have been cold and rainy so we enjoyed every minute.
Nothing like being stuck in the woods for some good girl bonding time. There were lots of boys there, but we didn't take pictures of them - they were usually eating or jumping off cliffs.
School dress up day - Even Emma wanted to dress up, that was fun!!!

Emma, a true Cinderella, lover of all animals, birds, bugs, and rodents!!!

Emma has been hanging out in the mango tree this week, which is fine with me, at least she stays in one place for five minutes!!!

Thanks for all your prayers and for your part in the work God is doing in Brazil. I know it is a small picture of world missions, but these kids are amazing, and we love seeing God working in their lives, they are our future, and their folks are pretty neat, too.

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