Sunday, October 14, 2007

Ahh, 4 days off

Yes, that was a nice way to end our first quarter. To take 4 days to just catch up and finally even find time to relax. It was a busy week. I started teaching an extra English class for a teacher traveling until the first of November. So my mornings are a little busier. Plus this week I had 4 extra plates at our table at lunch time to help out a family who took the Seniors on their trip. So by Saturday I was ready to just crash!!
I spent my free time this week sewing a pile of things I had made, but never finished the seams: curtains, tablecloths, and even the girls Easter dresses. That felt good. Yes, some of those projects have been on my mind now for almost a year, why did I wait so long, well, I was hoping for cooler weather. Who likes sewing in the heat? But finally I just had to tough it out. I got my fan out, and just went to work. I managed to clean my dining room from ceiling to floor, and washed all the curtains (thus the sewing...)
The worst moment of the week???
Scott let Jonathan invite a few boys over for a movie and a campout. I, wanting nothing to do with such madness, popped their popcorn and headed over to spend the evening with Karla, and watch a nice romantic comedy. When I came home, they were pretty much outside ready to settle in, but had left half the popcorn on the floor.
I got out the vaccum and started to clean up. I know now that doing this after 10 is probably not wise. Something had got caught in the hose, blocking the air, and my sleepy brain didn't catch the sounds quick enough and the bag busted inside and the crazy machine started blowing dirt all over my just cleaned from top to bottom - living room!!!!! Well, Scott came to the rescue and shut it off and we finally go the place cleaned up.
So now for the worst moment, I went into the bathroom to brush the dust off me and get it out of my hair and when I shook my head my glasses fell of, and BROKE!!! Now I know, they are four and a half years old, scratched beyond reason, but I use them every day, and my contact supply is out (of course they are outrageously priced here - so I keep putting of buying more - which you don't need a doctor's scrip to get). So now here I am at 10:30 blind as a bat trying to find my super bonder glue!!! AGGGGGHHHHH I went to bed and cried myself to sleep.
The next day I did find the glue and manage to get my glasses put back together. Now they just have a few more scratches. I really want to have eye surgery, but as you know with three kids, and school, dentist, ect. I keep putting it off. Maybe this week I will at least call and find out what the prices are these days. If they are still pretty high, I will have to break down and buy some more contacts. Hopefully my glasses can wait until we come home next summer.
So what does the poor exhausted lady do after a week of starving herself ( I lost 3 pounds already!!! ) for a week?? Take friends out to supper. We took Karla and a couple friends to Walmart and then to one of the best Brazilian restaurants around. It was really nice to eat, and to share it with friends and best of all - not to have to do any dishes afterward.
What a week!!!

Karla at Walmart

How much can you fit in our trunk?? You don't get to

Walmart every day( the couple in the picture is another family

we are enjoying getting to know them)

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