Monday, October 22, 2007

parrots and rubber trees

Did you know that Rubber trees have the sweetest smelling blossoms?? Kind of like a honeysuckle, and they seem to bloom throughout the entire year, it is one of my favorite things about Brazil, that as you walk to school you are always welcomed by that wonderful fragrance.

Did you know that parrots make the loudest squawking sound you can imagine, and they love to be in large groups?? Well, lets just say they are not my most favorite bird here. Yesterday, I was watching the news real quick before we headed of to church when a big bird fluttered past my window and a flash went off out of the corner of my eye. All our power went out. Yep, that was a huge heron that hit the line, causing a surge in our power. Luckily, it only took a few minutes for Scott to restore our power and we could get on with our day.

Last week was as busy as usual. We had our second home ec supper and the girls really did a great job. On the menu was roasted garlic spread on french bread, pasta with grilled chicken and vegatables, salad, and for desert, strawberry shortcake and chocolate fondu with cinnamon crisps all made by their hands. My 6 students were each allowed to invite a guest and most brought moms or dorm moms. It was just a very fun night, and we enjoyed every bite.

Now I am trying to get my Christmas cards started. We are putting the last few touches on the kids play, and we have started praciticing our Christmas Cantata. Tis the season!!!

As to my diet... That is actually still on track, home ec dinners and all. I have lost in 14 days almost 7 pounds. Like I have heard often, just diet and exercise. Nothing more than that, I just never quiet understood what a diet looked like!!! I didn't realize it meant 2 bites of chicken, and a piece of bread, with all the salad you can eat!!! But I feel good, and hope I can get a few more pounds off before I hit Thanksgiving and the season of Christmas goodies!!!

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