Friday, October 5, 2007

Things not to do when you are over 30

Yes, I was watching a show yesterday and that was their topic, they had some interesting points, but they didn't mention this one.
Do not play basketball like you did when you were a teenager, the first time back in the game!!!
But is that what I did yesterday?? Yep!!!
The girls here have been wanting me to come out and coach them, since they don't really know much about the game, and yesterday I finally made it. It was fun. Getting that ball in my hand, dribbling down the court, actually making some good shots. But know my knees are killing me, and my back is probably aching, except the pain in my knees is so bad, I can't tell.
Another thing. Brazilians girls play basketball like you would play soccer, worse than street ball, it is get the ball away from the opposing team in whatever means possible. It was insane, just the sound of the slapping heard almost more than a ball being dribbling, was incredible.
But by the end of the hour, we were starting to get something going that almost resembled my favorite sport.
And I really did enjoy it, even though I sounded like I was gasping for air by the time I got home ( I doubt I have breathed that hard in a very long time). I haven't sweated that much in a long time either. Maybe I am crazy, but I can't wait for next Thursday night??

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