Tuesday, October 30, 2007

another busy week

Yes, that is one more week to cross off on my calendar and say Thank you Lord for letting me get through it and do my many jobs well. Whew!!! some days I wonder how I do manage, and other days I am just so thankful for the work he has given me to do and the experiences I have had in my past that enable me to feel comfortable in the responsibility of the job. For example; choir practice.
Yes, we are well into our first cantata and I am really enjoying the whole process. I like that I am the director and can just lead from the piano and not have to wonder what someone else wants me to do. I just do it. Yes, it is hard at times to catch everything, but Scott is a big help with the guys, and I lean on him to help me when we are missing something.
Play practice is going well, I am hoping to get some help on the choreography, but other than that I am starting to feel like yes, I can command that many people of so many different ages to do this and say that, and stand there, and sing this way. Wow, what a job. But it is fun, and yes, we are often laughing and smiling at even the mess ups that happen.
I shared in chapel last week about how it is the thought that counts. How our moms appreciated the thought behind the pancake breakfast even though the mess was beyond reason. And how our heavenly Father appreciates that we are willing to serve him even though we may not do it as well as so-and-so. Or even completely fail. It really does matter to him that we are willing to serve and do it out of a heart of love and compassion and not obligation.
I challenged my girls this week on how we see ourselves. Especially in the physical aspect. And even though we are not all the same size or have other areas of our looks and body that we struggle with how God created each one of us, just the way we are and we should be thankful for it. It was precious to me when one of those girls shared today in chapel about our spiritual gifts and how God gave each of us different abilities and gifts, and are we using them or comparing what we have to others and not using them. It was neat.
Other news. Emma has had a fever since Sunday and seems to be still fighting a fever. It seems to come and go, and I suspect that she will soon be coughing and sniffling like all the other kids here. I hope the rest of us don't catch it. It is not fun being sick when it is in the 90's each day lately. We are really hoping for rain and cooler weather soon. Yes, we have had quite a bit of rain, but then it heated up again and dried up, so we are back to wishing for rain.

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