Friday, November 9, 2007

about prayer

I have been reading Philipp Yancy's book on Prayer. I am just getting started, but already I have been convicted about how poor my prayer life has been lately. We have really struggled this year financially (due to the dollar dropping drastically, not due to lack of support as that has actually gone up a bit this year). I find that though I do everything I can think of to help our financial situation, I often forget that I prayed about it, and need to keep praying about it, leaving it in His hands, but continuing to discuss with Him my concerns. Just as I talk to my husband about things, I need to talk to my heavenly Father about things.
Another thought I had this morning was how so many of our prayer supporters have gone to heaven. Dear women like Venise, and Miriam Wittermore, Mrs. Winter, and others. They are such treasures in our life. We stand on the front lines, and the attacks we battle daily, through discouragement, people problems, financial, homesickness, etc. I know these were softened by these dear ladies who constantly interceeded for us.
Do you pray for the leaders around you? Do you pray for your missionaries? Do I? I know that prayer works. Without a doubt I know this. Now I just need to keep talking with God. I should find time to set aside for serious and deep conversations, but even if I chat with Him throughout the day, that would be good. Besides, that is who I am. I like a quick chat about something on my mind at the moment. And I think He knows that. He made me who I am , and he loves me. He doesnt' expect me to pray like Scott, nope, he just want my to talk to Him.

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