Saturday, November 24, 2007


There are moments in Brazil that I absolutely love being here. I usually walk each evening around 7 pm and last night like many nights all I could do was watch the clouds change colors and the sun set. It was beautiful!!! The birds are swooping around also. I love watching them some climb so high in the sky you almost lose them, but the come back down. It is usually just the perfect temperture and peaceful. I try to never miss those moments. Especially these days when life is just going from crazy to insane!!!
After I got home last night we decorated our tree. I was reminded as I opened the box that last year when we left the states, my favorite family heirloom ornaments had been accidentally stored. I had made some and bought some simple balls, but what amazed me was instead of being heartbroken again, I was remembering how much fun I had last year as I decorated my tree "from scratch". My mom also saved the day by sending some snowflake ornaments and streamers. I can't wait till I get home and get a chance to dig through storage and get my hands on those things, but until then, I am enjoying my simple tree.

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