Thursday, November 15, 2007

Things I miss about dry season

Yes, I know after all my praying for rain, and constant complaining. I have realized there are things about dry season that I really miss. For instance...
1. The SUN!!!
2. towels that don't feel like someone else already used them.
3. The SUN!!!
4. Not having to unplug everything whenever a thundercloud appears on the horizon ( we have had some major hits on the base, and we don't want to lose another modem - our school office even lost their computer last year)
5. The SUN!!!
6. not so many bugs everywhere you turn.
7. The SUN!!!
8. Not feeling cold one minute, then as soon as I get up and move around I am covered in sweat.
9. The SUN!!!
10. The track not being covered with moss and too slippery now to walk on (where we were kicking up dust a month ago)

The one thing I don't miss about dry season??? THE DUST!!!!! It makes all these inconveniences worth the change.

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