Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The crash!

Yes, that is how I felt yesterday. Like finally I can start letting down a bit. But it was a long exhausting day because, I was talking a lot. In class, out of class. I am hoping Karla will be all set to take over tomorrow, and the last two days of this week I can just, kind of --- rest. Of course, Scott has other plans, wants to go into Anapolis and meet with a lady about a video presentation he is trying to finish. So maybe that will take up all of Friday.
Remember how I said it had rained, well, it smelled like rain for hours, and cooled down nicely. It did the same thing last night, even thunder and lightening, but still not a drop of acutal rain!!! Maybe today. Then maybe I will feel a bit better. I mean I feel like I do on a PMS day, but I don't havePMS. It is that bad. I don't want to talk to anyone!!! And then of course, that is the day your husband is just around more and wants to just sit and "chat" and I have nothing to say. Poor guy he has hung in there this whole time, well I hope he can be patient with me a few more days.

Here is Karla with her class


Tracy said...

Hmmmm, very interesting. I've been having the same PMS stuff but it's not PMS either. Let's see... what can we call it? EXHAUSTION???!!!

RO 2007 said...

OK so your title scared me!! I was like...oh no I hope she didn't crash her bike/car whatever. Glad it wasn't too bad of a "crash"