Monday, September 24, 2007


A sunday ago we heard a message about trees, and ever since then my mind has been looking at all the trees on the land. And even though we haven't had any rain, spring is coming anyway, at least in the trees. The have dropped their old dead leaves, and new, dark, lush, green leaves have come in their place. The Flamboyant tree that bursts into red flowers are just loaded with blossoms.

As I watched this I couldn't but help make the spiritual application. Obviously these trees had found a hidden source of water that flowes deep under the ground. And I thought, is my life like that? Even during the hot, dry times, do I reflect the riches of God, his refreshing life? Does my tap root go deep? As I have struggled through these long first six weeks. God has certainly been my strength. The devotional I have done with Jill Brisco has been an encouragement. I know that the prayers of many of you has been a source of strength. Now if I can just hang on until the rain comes. It is almost 80 degrees and it is only 6 am!!! It is going to be another cooker!!!

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