Monday, September 3, 2007

Week three down only like 33 to go!!!

Yes, my third week of school is already passed and it was quite busy. First, praising God, Karla ( the teacher coming to teach my ele. class) received her authorization to come. Now she will take them her passport, jump through a few simple hoops and hopefully have her visa in hand and ready to travel by the 14th. Please pray that this will all go well.

Second, it was neat to see the money come together for Scott to update his computer. The neatest thing was that a family we met in Maine (Jonathan's buddy in third grade) gave a very generous amount toward the project. That was really special. I know they have been faithful in praying for us, and have wanted to help out, but were never able to, but then just when we were really wondering if we would be able to update the computer, it all came together.

I spent Friday in town with two of the new Portuguese students (pregnant moms). I helped them through their appointments (all in Portuguese) and that was fun, hearing the baby's heart beats, and just helping them through everything as they started their prenatal care. I can't wait for these little ones to arrive, I miss babies!!!!

Sunday, we had a couple come for lunch after the church service and we talked to them about how she could get some help with her English. She teaches English, and speaks it fairly well, but definitely could use more practice if she wants to some day teach on advanced levels. She is one of the students I meant when I taught English in Anapolis that I really liked. Very impressive. Always wanting to use her English, and of course her sweet smile didn't hurt any. She is engaged, and her fiance is a professor, so Scott enjoyed talking to him. I didn't catch what he teaches, but they both were very nice. They loved my "American" lunch, and that was fun, just feeding them. We had chicken and broccoli casserole, rice, sunflower honey bread, and banana cream pie!!! And only the sunflowers I had brought down, the rest I found here including the Campbells cream of mushroom soup.

It was a busy week, again, but I am enjoying most of my days. The washing machine works half the time, but I am able to at least keep up with the laundry. One of these days it will break completely then I will have to send it away to be fixed, pray that is during vacation, or after November!!!

Last night as I picked Emma up to brush her teeth, she felt warm. She was acting fine, but I after the last time when I thought she might be warm, but didn't think anything of it and she was sick, I'd better take her temp. Well it was almost 103 degrees ( I guess when it is close to hundred these days it is harder to tell when they are just hot, or sick). Anyway, I gave her some advil and put her to bed. She woke up in the night even hotter so I gave her more meds and she finally went to sleep. She was pretty delirious though until the meds kicked in. She still felt a bit off this morning, and Scott said she threw up, too. I hope she is better soon, it makes it pretty hard when we have sick kids and no substitute teachers!!!

Yes, that is a pretty long note, but I find it is a bit hard to write each day, so when I do sit down, I can't believe all that has been happening.

Wish you could have been at church with us Sunday, Scott's message was really good, used the concept of a compass and the winds that ship masters used to guide their ships and compared it to our lives. I don't think it was recorded, too bad, it really was neat!!!

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