Saturday, September 15, 2007

Week 5

Yes, one more week filled out and crossed off. Only one more week until Karla comes, but please keep praying, I haven't heard that she has in her hand her passport with her Visa stamped inside. Pray that it doesn't wait for the last minute to arrive, that is no fun.

This week was another busy week. But it was fun. Yesterday the sophmores initiated the freshmen. We always laugh at that. I love seeing these kids just jump into this humiliating experience with both feet and enjoy the process.

one of them singing Holland's national anthem

Tuesday was a stressful day as we received an e-mail for our coworkers who would be sharing at a field fair for missionary candidates. Scott had made a show just for that occasion to challenge them to think of Brazil as a field to work in. Anyway. the DVD hadn't made it, and they were desperate to find a way to get it to them. Thanks to the internet and our tech guy in Anapolis we were able to resolve it Wednesday in time to show it on Thursday.

So by the time that was done, it was Thursday and my week was almost over!!! But it wasn't over until the pies were baked and the kitchen was cleaned. Yep, Thursday's home ec class was pie crusts and fillings. We made about 42 mini pies using the muffin tins. We had fun, but I think that I won't try and tackle such a huge project next time. We made lemon meringue pie, and pumpkin pie. Yikes!!! it was 2 hours after my class was supposed to be done that everything was cleaned up and put away!!!

So by Friday I was pooped. But I managed to rest in the afternoon, and my friend and I made supper together and our families spent the evening together. the kids watched Zoom, we watched Premonition (very Good!! - she learned what a wimp I am with scary movies) and the guys watched a war movie. Yes, it was a nice end to a week.

Today, a few of us ladies are headed to the city to spend the day out and together. It will be nice, but as usual I hate leaving my family. I don't know why I wrestle with this. I can go with Scott and enjoy the day and not worry, but if it is just me, oh I just have to really just jump in and go. But I know it will be good to get away.

Have a great week!!!

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RO 2007 said...

WHEW!! Sounds like a crazy week!
love ya!