Saturday, September 22, 2007

Karla is coming!!!

Spring comes to the dry land
This tree will be covered in amazing red flowers before the rain comes

Yes, Praise the Lord, she flies Sunday and arrive Monday morning. Please pray for her safe travel, and that all the last minute details will come together and as she says good-bye to her family and church. We can't wait for her to get her. I have had such fun teaching the little kids, but I am ready to lighten my load. Ralph Waldo Emerson said, " Make the most of yourself...for that is all there is of you." Well, I have been making the most of myself, and now would just like a little break.
When you wake up in the morning and you can hardly walk because your feet hurt and your joints are stiff. It isn't a good sign. Part of this is from the fact that I hate to wear shoes inside, but then I stand on my feet all day at the stove, cooking. It is too hot to wear shoes, but it hurts not to. Oh, the choices...
Yes, it is too hot for shoes, it is close to a hundred every day. This is only survivable because it is dry as the Sahara Desert. But then the rain comes to taunt us, and the humidity builds. But it doesn't rain. So we sweat, and peel between the dry and humidity. But it will come. And so we wait and hope.
Friday night was a nice break from the usual when our Seniors put on a nice Italian restaurant for us. (a fund raiser for the Senior trip) I dressed up and Scott took me out. It was very nice. They did a great job. I helped make the dessert. Our home EC class learned how to make Cream Puffs and that made the chef's job a bit easier just pulling them out of the freezer, setting them on a plate and drizzling them with chocolate, (Thanks Pampered Chef for the recipe).
So this week I will help Karla get settled into her Apt. then she will start taking on part of the class until she is all caught up on what we have been doing. Laney is very excited. It has been fun to pray with them each day, even when you wondered sometimes if God would answer and to see him bring it all together. It is such a great experience for them.

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