Wednesday, January 9, 2008

conference, and answers to prayer

We are on our third day of conference and things are going well. Of course, the usual happens where Scott is asked last minute to record stuff. But he was able to re use some tapes from another conference that he has already mastered to DVD so that was okay. He is busy, though, so I am just enjoying staying home most of the time. I figure of a meetings was really important for me to see, I will watch it later ;o) I am enjoying the chiropractor who came from the states just to help us poor crooked people out. He even worked on my foot that has been so painful for months now, and I feel much better. Before my left foot didn't rest in my shoe, like the arch support couldn't reach my arch, but yesterday I noticed that my foot was resting in my shoe again, and the support was touching the arch, ahhhhhh.
Another answer to prayer was that Scott was getting stuff together for conference and came across 25 DVDs he didn't know he had???? and they were just any old brand they were SONY!!!! Isnt' God amazing!!!
We are so thankful to have some extra funds come in this month. I am praying with a specific amount that we need. And can't wait to see God bring it in so that we can "catch up".
Thanks for being there for us, your prayers and friendships, you are precious!!!

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Kris & Kendra Rickert said...

It is interesting that you are praying for a specific amount of money right now. I am too! Praying that if God would have me to go to Mexico in March to make arrangements for our time there in July, that He will provide. I am excited with you to hear of the answers to your prayers!