Sunday, January 27, 2008


Yes, that is what I thought in the middle of the night when I rolled over. You, I am sure are wondering what happened? Are you Okay??? Is everyone safe?? And I would have to answer yes, we are fine, I just was stupid enough to play capture the flag last night with the teens. Scott volunteered us to sponsor the event, and of course, I couldn't just sit by at watch, NOOOOOO!! I had to play, then I ended up guarding the flag, cause I thought i would be nice and quiet, and I wouldn't get tagged, and that was fun, for the first half hour, then they started coming in groups and we had to defend our ground, after about an hour of that I was pretty much done in, I was begging them to please get our flag. I would have been fine though if I hadn't collided with my team mate trying to catch the girl who had gotten within inches of our flag. I didn't realize until the middle of the night that we had collided at the knees and I had a very sore muscle above my knee. So today, I am moving slower and more gently. I am sure I will feel worse tomorrow when the sore muscles kick in ( I walk every day, but I am not use to running in circles).
Today was nice. Scott's dad shared in church and told some neat stories about training to be a paratrooper, the kids were fascinated and so were the grown ups. The best part was how well he made the comparisons to our Christian walk. Emma made it through the whole service, and did each of her Strawberry Shortcake puzzles once (Thanks Charis!!!)
We got some yummy rotisserie chicken from downtown, and made rice, veggies and Brazilian "French Bread" for lunch with Grammy's chocolate pudding for desert. A quick Junior's meeting, the Senior banquet is coming soon and we have lots to do. Then I helped Gina decorate the back wall of the chapel. I will send a picture later. It was a busy day, but after last night it is probably a good thing, keep those muscles moving.
I am enjoying Beth Moore's study on the power of words, It is from that site, very good!!!
I hope you had a nice Sunday

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